WTF: i’ll leave pink to my princess

20101126-LILNICKII don’t usually comment on such errr…. trivial matters but I was a biiig Lil Kim fan back in the day and I can’t believe I missed the oh so obvious comparisons with Hip Hops current sex kitten (sneaky), Nicki Minaj. In case ‘you didn;t know. Lil’ Kim has seen fit to school Nicki on the hierarchy of the Hip Hop vixen. You can Peep that below. But was the diss warranted in the first place. On Nicki’s Romans Revenge track, some people thought there was a disparaging reference to Kim. Nicki herself insists that this is untrue but Kim isn’t having that. But I have to ask, why would Nicki diss someone who paved the way for her to do what she does now. The picture above is a case in point. Is Nicki simply paying homage to the Queen Bee with that pose or firing a warning shot? Those of you with a high 70 or low 80 in your birth year will remember the fuss kicked up in some quarters when Kim’s Hardcore album cover first appeared. It’s saying something that Nicki can now adopt the same pose with practically no opposition as to her state of  (un)dress whatsoever. All the comments are clearly divided between Nicki showing respect to her ‘elders’ or Kim’s age. WTF has her age got to do with anything. No one disses a 40 year old Jay-Z when he decides to go at it. it’s this automatic ageist discrimination towards women that seems to be prevalent nowadays. We have that same problem here in the UK with the BBC’s obvious discrimination towards older female presenters in certain roles. I’m not sure if Nicki was dissing Kim or not but either way Nicki is on a win/lose. The younger Hip hop community will side for her because they have no idea of what Lil Kim represents for the FeMC. While the majority of the older heads will invariably side with Kim because the original is more often that not, the best. Make no mistake. Lyrically judging by the diss, Kim is getting better with age. As far as Nicki goes, i’ve listened to some of her stuff and personally Kim was better but more publicity means more sales. The label bosses must be loving it. peep the diss!

“tricks is for kids silly rabbit you my offspring…”

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