Powdered Water

This is it, pretty much the perfect soundscape that captures your attention, neck snapping head nod - check. Sharp word play - check. General dopeness - check.
Lee Scott and Salar deliver, after a much, much, much anticipated release. At least this is what i've been waiting for. Its finally here, and its fukkkkkeeenn brilliant.
The beat has a hint of eastern european flea markets and southern soulful country feelings. Kinda like a drinking session with Son House in a Bulgarian pub, at least thats how I felt when I closed my eyes and bumped it. The lyrical swords these 2 dudes swing aswell....this shit slices.....your ears right off. Lee spins it off with an off kilter approach and immediately its hitting you. His style is ridiculously fresh. I rate it word for word. Salar doesnt ease up either with some lovely lovely rhymes. Brilliant.

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