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Starving Artist feat. Dumbfounded

Jazzercise 2: Shake Dat J-Azz

Download Elevator Music Album

What does it say about Three of my five favourite albums or mixtapes since the turn of the year are free downloads. All three of them are far more consistent listens than the hit and miss nature of most of 2009’s payable releases. But apart from the fact that any Jazz Hop fan worth their weight should go and grab the album above ASAP. Never mind the fact the Elevator Music is among the best music ive heard since this time last year (although the guys in the pic above would rather you didn’t). The larger question is what does this say about the current state of mainstream releases. It says that by and large (bar a few exceptions) they are formulaic, lackadaisical & lacking in originality. Something that the 3 releases highlighted here, have in abundance. So if you haven’t already, get familiar. Enjoy!










Funky DL – Back to Frank

Chris Barz – Class[sickz] From The Dark

more more more…

repssomuchmore3 copy

Where have I been. Reps has reunited with Polish beatsmith extraordinaire O.S.T.R for his new EP, So Much More. Enjoy!

grab it HERE

Phaze 26


Backed by some of Oz’ finest. M-Phazes returns with Good Gracious. Some of you won’t know some of the artists on here but they are all superb at their craft. You gotta respect a man who doesn’t forget where he came from, especially in the Hip Hop game. Judging by the date that the preview vid below was recorded, the project has been complete for a while but February 26th (oooh that’s tomorrow) is supposed to be the day so look for a review in the near future. peep the clip!

under Suspicion

Front Cover 440

The fellas dropped this in the mail a few days ago and having finally listened to it i have to say it was well worth the wait. Definitive niceness / freeness. Enjoy!

The Usual Suspects EP

The Usual Suspects Myspace

special Delivery

Looking at the cameos at he start of this vid, Sways new mixtape looks to be a keeper for sure. Plus the animations nice too. peep it!

double back Flip

Nice new vids from Fliptrix. Album coning soon. Plus some downloadable extras too. Enjoy!

Fliptrix – Get Involved feat. Jehst

Fliptrix – My Soul

Beni wa(t)ch


So awesome do i think the cover of Ty’s latest opus is that I had to find out who it’s creator is (thanks Dave). Benjamin Wachenje is his name, ill works of art is his game.



something Special

When your catalogue to date is as critically acclaimed as Ty's is, you have to wonder if it gets any easier to keep producing the goods. And to do it while ever-so-slightly pushing the boundaries in his own unique way? That takes a 'Special Kind Of Fool'. Yeah yeah cheesy intro I know but the sentiments it represents are spot on. Ty has a happy knack of delivering one quality genre stretching album after another. Let's cut to the chase, Ty's albums are never born in the conventional mould but it manages to alienate no one. Whether your a Hip Hop fiend or your new boyfriend/girlfriend is only just introducing you to the ways of the force, this is an easy pick up and the lighthearted vibe will offend nobody. With that said, I dare any so called 'real head' not to break a neck to these beats. As good as most albums are. You have to have a taste for that branch of the genre to appreciate its niceness (I've never really been a Master P fan but he lives a life of luxury for a reason). I think that Special Kind Of Fool is an album that easily goes beyond that with the airy melodic production being the reason. The Ty and Drew parnership shows no sign of a creativity crises any time soon and the choice of guests MC's and vocalists is spot on. Sway especially steals the scene on Heart Is Breaking and I must have had Falling on repeat for about half an hour (no exaggeration) when it first hit my ears. The drum pattern and sounds are a masterstroke. That may be my standout but it's a standout on an insanely original album that should be pushed until the money runs out... And then pushed some more. Any MC can spit as much superfluous fire as they like but in my view the best are at their best when they are letting us in. So after all my (possibly overindulgent) praise of this album, it is simply the ups, downs and whatever comes in between, of the man's life put on CD/download. Special Kind Of Fool is the most satisfiying listen i've had for a long time. Bloody awesome!

p e a c e

Special Kind Of Fool: promo mix

this looks good

As a grown man i’m not afraid to say that i’m a biiiiig fan of the original cartoons. This was the Avatar as i knew it before all those big blue aliens. Seeing fire, earth, air and water bending in live action should be cool. Plus M. Night Shyamalan is taking the reigns on this one and i’m a big fan.

2nd invasion


Takeover is right. They just keep on coming

1. Intro [produced by DJ Mark 1]
2. MaG - Turn My Music High [produced by DL]
3. Tunji - Goodbye Never (featuring Convinced)
4. The Movement Fam - Seasons Change [produced by G.C.]
5. Amor Jones - Dyin [produced by Know:Juander]
6. Mach Five - Stop That
7. Stevie Crooks - Brass Knuckles
8. L.E.G.A.C.Y. - You Might See Me
9. Cymarshall Law - Harder Than Thou Remix (featuring DJ JS-1)
10. E Reece - Hold Up, Wait [produced by Soups]
11. Jermiside & Danny Diggs - Rockin Ya World (cuts by DJ Mayhem)
12. Has-Lo - Exhale (Custamato's Revenge) [produced by Culture I.S.T.M.]
13. Hawdwerk & Jansport J - Rancid
14. Epsilon Project - Mics On
15. Prefyx - All Star Fresh (We Got) [produced by Dibiase]
16. Plex Long & Face The Truth - Direction
17. WEB - Waiting To Exhale [produced by Rodney 'Syrenn' Hazard]
18. Self-One - All We Got To Do [produced by Reasonable]
19. ArtOfficial - Doing Things Wrong
20. Emilio Rojas – Get Through
21. DXA – Night Drive [produced by DFACE DXA]
22. Spectac & Amiri - Gone in Sixty Seconds

Hipnott Records: Takeover Volume 2

Ty – eee pee kay



Mid march sees the return of arguably my favourite MC. Everything Ty touches is superb and ‘Emotions’ is no different. In my view this guy is one of the UK’s finest exports. Peeps… errrr… peep this. Taken from the new album ‘A Special Kind Of Fool’, which will be on my year end favourites list.

Ty – Emotions feat. Sarina Leah - Shaun Escofrey (snippet)

edit: i’m not sure i should be sharing a snippet but i’ll leave it up for awhile anyway

re diverted

Diversion Tactics-Careful On The Way Up

I actually reviewed Diversion Tactics latest project a couple of months ago. But since it has actually just been released ,considering my man Aiden has a great interview with them over at his place and considering how nice it is, I thought i would give it the reup tretment.

FINALLY!!! My favourite Hip Hop everymen are back with their latest opus. Their sound, courtesy of Zygote & Jazz T still has that feel of regimented, jazz infused cacophonistic greatness (if that makes any sense at all). J-Zone is still hitting sixes (or homers for the US contingent) with the beat he provides for the album. The now established pub regulars Tim Dog and Percee P still know how to get it done. And the Chubbster is still just as witty and crudely insightful as he always was. Yes with Careful On The Way Up, everything is as it should be. Usually I would spout on about evolving with a new release and showing your growth. But so good is the way that these guys go about their Hip Hop that I would probably shed a 'metaphorical' tear if they decided to come through any other way. The superb reminisce inducing beat and back in the day matter of fact lyrics of Back To School (aaah Grange Hill) is enough on its own to keep me going until the next one. But on top of that you've got Tim Dogs good old fashioned verbal tongue lashing on the final verse of NY To The UK. You've also got Blade and D. Gritty showing top form alongside Chubby on the fire that is Three Card Brag. Or you can look to the weed anthem Lifted (fellas, Keith would be proud). The momentum never let's up with deep b-lines, cut and scratch hooks and intermittent jazzy hat crashes a staple throughout. Everything seems to take its cue from these elements and moves along nicely. At only 35 minutes one could argue that its all over too quickly. But I must have pressed the rewind button at least once (and in some cases several times) on every track, so it damn near doubled in length for me. That in itself should tell you all you need to know. Expect the album to drop around Christmas time. until then peep the taster below.

p e a c e

Diversion Tactics Interview

Lifted/Where I'm From/Twelve Steps promo

Buy The Album here

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