did he or didn’t he?


Now, i’m not sure if Toney actually wrote this or not. But quite frankly I don’t care cause it’s the single best comment to any post/blog/article that i have read for a really long time…

“Ayo whattup this Ghost Deini aka the Black Ronald Reagan. Whats good Preem! Ayo the gods humbled just to be mentioned but to clench that top spot nahmean…that shits a blessing son. Word. A nigga spit out his raviolis when he seen that. The nigga Alvin at the barbershop in Staten called the god up to bless his ears with the news nahmean. He put a rainbow in the gods heart with that nah mean. He stay up on all the latest blogs info so on n so forth. Thats my word. Niggas pollyin n whatnot n he caught the god off guard n says to me yo that nigga Preem says you got the best album of the decade yo. N Im like word nigga yo ya puttin thumbtacks on the god chair to try n see if a nigga gon jump right! Nahmean. N he like nah Tone hand to Allah n all that. Thats the truth son. A nigga just started cryin yo. Tears bust out a nigga wig cos that shit just hit a nigga in his heart yo. I seen cupids on the god shoulders when I went over to the mirror n shit tryna wipe the gods tears so I could thank you Preem. Ayo the god got cherubs on his shoulders that watch over himn nah mean. Its a blessing son. Thank you.
Aight peace.”


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