tame the savages

Maybe i should pack up them family and move to Australia because the more I dig the more great music I seem to find. The wonders of the internet never ceases to amaze me. Dazed & Flawlezz are a pair of MC’s with a great ear. Land of The Savages is the latest of 2 available EPs by these guys. Apparently their full length album is due later this year. Until then these 7 tracks are the wato go. Enjoy!

Dazed & Flawlezz – Land Of The Savages EP

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Dazed said...

Hey mate,
It's Dazed, from Dazed & Flawlezz. Thanks for sharing the love, much appreciated! Peeps can check our stuff at www.dazedflawlezz.com

Go to "releases" and get your download finger clicking!

Cheers bruv