spaaaaaaaaced ghooooooooost


OHHHHH MAAAAAN!!! i’m still not sure if this is the real ghost face but this stuff is superb. Read On. Then click the link down below to check more if the same.

Ayo whattup this Starkey Love aka Big Ghost the Wally Champ. Ayo first of alls I wanna say congrats to them Slaughterhouse niggas for signing with the grand imperial snow nigga Slim Shady nahmeans. N yo the god know that niggas had they little side beefs wit the clan n shit but yall already know that shit is water under the bridge nahmeans. Yalls already understands that at one point that nigga Rae was like that troll nigga that aint let the billy goats gruff niggas pass wit out payin they tolls namsayin. But that nigga Budden he done paid the tolls n shit. Yall already know that nigga got his enchilada rocked nahmeans. That nigga done already got his meatball sauteed n shit. Nigga was seein reindeers n stars n shit. But ayo real talk its a good thing the nigga aint get snuffed in his chin cos the nigga gotta a infant chin n shit. Word yo the nigga beard superimposed onto the nigga neck n shit. Nigga aint gotta a actual chin or nothin like that nahmeans. But that shit neither here nor there. Ayo I aint mean no disrespect or nothin like that cos he my nigga. Word bond. But the nigga the god really cool wit is that nigga Ortiz. The nigga a animal wit his bars namsayin. Nigga like some wild elk n shit. Nigga got his horns like a elk or a moose. Nahmeans like you know how moose be havin horns n shit? The nigga got horns like a moose when he spit nahmeans! Yalls internet nigga already know that nigga rock wit the god on the Apollo joint which is available in stores right now n can be purchased on iTunes n shit for yalls little mp3 n little zune joints nahmeans. That nigga shown up at the studio to spit his darts n shit n the nigga had his little process namsayin. Word yo the nigga got a method to his fury n shit. Nigga had a couple bags of doritos….the tacos at midnight joints…had his little Pepsi 2 liter n shit. N the nigga had a couple burgers in his pockets he pulled out for later namsayin. Nigga listened to the beat n he wrote his lil bars in 5 minutes n shit. Nigga had his lil helium balloons he used to make the nigga voice extra moist nahmeans. The nigga do that shit n word yo its like he poured gravy on his voice. The nigga tried it once with no helium n shit but the nigga just sounded like turkey legs wit no gravy nahmeans. Niggas in the studio was like nah that aint that Bodega Joell shit namsayin. But then the nigga like aight lemme try that again n yo its like he put the gravy on it nahmeans. Like he put the dumpling sauce on his gyozas n shit. Word yo its like the nigga got his lil dumpling joints n the shit taste aight n shit. But then the nigga like lemme add the plum sauce nahmeans. Word yo. The nigga Game was there too nahmeans. Matter fact the nigga started his own verse wit the little YAOWA trademark n shit. But the nigga Joell aint like that n told the nigga nah you gotta undo that shit…thats the Ortiz chamber n shit. So the nigga Game like aight but then you gotta lemme try a verse wit the helium balloons n shit B. But yo the nigga Joell one more time he like nah son that aint ya chamber n shit. The nigga Game aint like that tho cos he felt like ayo he just tryna pay homage to the nigga n shit n the nigga Joell aint like him. He says to the nigga why you aint like me B? Nigga took the shit personally n shit n locked hisself in the bathroom n shit. Word yo nigga threatenin to off hisself in the bathroom cos he felt niggas always givin him a hard time n shit namsayin. But you know. After a couple hours n shit the nigga come out n he like ayo sorry B. Nigga had his little tissue balls in his hands n shit. The nigga face all wet still. But he cool. Nigga just get emotional from time to time but he a heartfelt nigga nahmeans. The nigga jus gotta learn that he cant always splash in another nigga puddle n shit. I told the nigga Game ayo the god wanna put a couple cherubs on ya shoulders so you always got ya companions n shit nahmeans. I told the nigga any time you feel like you up against a wall you just remember the baby angels you got on ya shoulders to watch over you. They gon weep for you nigga. You aint gotta weep no more. The nigga Ortiz he witness that shit nahmeans n he like yo Tony lemme get one too nahmeans. Nigga got down on one knee n I put that baby angel on the nigga shoulder too nahmean. Ayo that was some real nigga shit that night. Shit only real niggas be doin. Yalls little new age niggas wit yalls tight jackets n ya little jeggings n aint know nothin bout that. Word.

Aight peace.


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