my 9th great listen of 2012


I first encountered skyzoo via my love of all things (music related) 9th wonder. Cloud 9: The 3 day high was on constant repeat for months and that album is still on regular rotation to this day. The guy puts the work in and has grown from a gifted MC into a skilled manipulator of the modern Hip Hop word. Evidenced on tracks like Spike Lee Was My Hero & How To Male It Through Hysteria, Sky demonstrates a maturity in his rhymes that is lost on  approximately 95% of today's MCs. That, along with a canny knack of showing his emotions without sounding emotional, his nods to heroes  past and present, plus his superb ear for a beat puts Skyzoo on a platform above the vast majority of his peers.

I could say that it's a shame that he doesn't garner the shine that many of his inferior contemporaries receive. But I could then counter my own argument with the rationale that the extra shine may see a change in direction that I for one would not welcome. A Dream Deferred is a superb effort that doesn't see the need to shout about itself. Understated in tone but precise in execution. Another  Skyzoo release that I will probably have on regular rotation until his next effort.

P e a c e

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