Really nothing Typical from these Cats

Typical Cats. Their debut was an instant classic, timeless, the follow up changed many things for the crew in regards to their sound and approach to music. With the new offering, its as if they combined everything they have learnt the past 8 years with that quality work ethic to produce something really special.
Denizen, Qwel and Qwazaar have all done some stellar work as solo artists, each aspiring to, and attaining, great heights. Each member has been garnering plenty of acknowledgement and attention in their own rights for a while now, and I think all of us have been fiending for a new TC full length for some time too.

Its with this new offering they appear,  so seamlessly, to top off everything, they have been doing for the past 8 years since they released their last LP, Civil Service.
Coming back together for their third album, aptly titled "3", its a if nothing changed, they still spit it, still make the head nod, the neck snap and the mind spiral.

Wordplay wizardry, heavy heavy production, cohesion, its all here and its back once again to appreciate in its entirety.

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