Feeeeedback: Competition Time

Soundweight Records has presented us with a double impact of pure heavy throwback rawness in good faith of the most traditional aesthetics of hip hop, two veterans have teamed up, with Kista producing a very slick anthem for Cappo to deliver delectable rhymes over with pure ease of flow and timing, the way the rhymes flow and the way the bass runs with the drums is pure funken (its funky, see?) brilliance, while listening I just decided to stand up and boogie, that bass was just too much.

On the flip Lowtide is a treat for the head nodders, finger snapping, neck breaking, a whole jumble of layers mixed to perfection taking it back to when everything was pure and raw, simply dope.

In celebration of the new release from Kista Featuring Cappo - Livewire feedback b/w Lowtide, we, the lovely people at cant stop fanatics are giving away one copy of the limited 7". The 9th person to drop an email at stylesforfree@gmail.com will be posted this sparkly brand new 7" signed by Kista himself.

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