Stick 2 the Script

Got this in the mail a few days ago. Y'all should know by know that I love it when something hits me from leftfield. These guys definitely came with the southpaw stylee. Their album, 'Bring The Noise', is different (in a good way) from pretty much anything i've heard this year.

Scripts N Screws - Eastwood

Scripts N Screws - Hands High

Scripts N Screws - Brick

A big Blend of fruit juices

Download now. Arguably the best ever to do it over some of memorable beats. K-Swyft's obviously put a lot of thought into making sure that the vocal for each original suited the beat used for the blend. Superb.

note: when listening to The What, wait for it...

Get The Set!

As you may (or may not) know, skyzoo has been dropping an archive series. A 30 part timeline of his MCing career to date. I decided to wait until now so I could drop the complete set. Over 30 tracks for your listening pleasure. Some tracks you'll know some you won't but they're all nice.

1. Let It Bang feat. E Ness (prod. 9th Wonder)
2. I Got It Covered
3. My Theme Music (prod. Illmind)
4. True Romance (prod 9th Wonder)
5. Stack Bundles Freestyle
6. Rise & Shine (prod. Khrysis)
7. Picture Perfect
8. My City feat. Esso Sha Stimuli
9. Hit Me feat. Mickey Factz Nina B
10. The Art Of Storytelling Part 5
11. Superstar Freestyle
12. History
13. S K Y
14. Keep It To The Side feat. Rapper Big Pooh
15. The Hustler's Theme (prod. Hi-Tek)
16. Good Looking feat. AC
17. Only One Can Win (prod. by J Dilla)
18. Turn It Up
19. Speed Racing feat. Little Brother & Chaundon (prod. 9th Wonder)
20. For The Love Of The Game feat. MC
21. Sick Wit' The Slang
22. Ghetto America prod. Hi-Tek)
23. Stop Fooling Yourself (prod. 9th Wonder)
24. The Bodega (prod. 9th Wonder)
25. You & Me (prod. 9th Wonder)
26. Good Morning America feat. Poca
27. Submission
28. Hold Tight (prod. Black Milk)
29. Hold Tight Remix feat. Black Milk
30. I Still Love Her
31. Peter Rosenberg Freestyle 1
32. Never Sleep (prod. Illmind)
33. Way To Go (prod. 9th Wonder)
34. Get It Done feat. Torae (prod. DJ Premier)
35. Click feat. Torae (prod. by DJ Premier)

Skyzoo - The Complete Archives (#'s 1 - 30)

Volume 1

Be on the lookout for this one people. UK word prof. Lowkey finally drops an official longplayer. Not that his Key To The Game series wasn't good enough (quite the opposite) but it took so long i was beginning tolose hope bruv. Oh & what going on with the NWO project man!


7 DJ's = 7 times the niceness. And i'm talking about some serious niceness peepz. Download, say thank you (to them I mean)
& Enjoy!

DJ Jayceeoh
DJ Steve1nder
DJ B.Cause
DJ Morse Code
DJ Platurn
DJ Benzi
DJ Eleven

Super 7 - Volume 1

Bi da by by

Although the title may suggest otherwise, you will most definately NOT want to commit suicide when listening to this piece of quality freeness. This was actually sitting in my in box for quite a while. But since I now get a load of stuff to trawl through this one almost passed me by completely. Luckily I saw sense & checked it out. Head nods ahoy!

Whygee & Sunkenstatic - Suicide Watch EP

''Dub be good to me'' (i loved that tune)

Bad man mixtape. Wheeeeeeeeeel!!!

The Genesis (Intro By DJ Unexpected)
02.) 6th Sense - Hip Hop Renatus (Produced By Erick Sermon)
03.) Mr. Live feat. Earl Blaize - The Bitch That You Are (Produced By Oddisee)
04.) Sic Osyrus & Donny Goines - Why Lord? (Middle Fingers Up) (Produced By Khrysis)
05.) Karniege - The Kush (Produced By Jake One)
06.) Skyzoo - Bang This (Produced By The Alchemist)
07.) Dominique Larue - Role Play (Produced By 9th Wonder)
08.) Emilio Rojas - E To The M-I-L-I-O (Produced By J Dilla)
09.) Access Immortal - Stay Strapped (Produced By DJ Premier)
10.) Melodiq feat. Nikal Fieldz - Bottom Of The 9th (Produced By 4th Disciple)
11.) Diablo Archer feat. Myk Dyaleks (of BrokN.English) - We The New Era (Produced By Domingo)
Sha Stimuli - Today We Living (Produced By Nottz)
13.) Fred Knuxx - Air 'Em Out (Produced By Hi-Tek)
14.) Laelo Hood - Extra, Extra! (Produced By DJ Khalil)
15.) Supastition - Sound Of Reform School (Produced By Black Milk)
16.) Black ELement - Feel The Hunger (Produced By DJ Scratch)
17.) Droppin' A Message (Interlude)
18.) Zero Star - On My Backpack Shit (Produced By Large Professor)
19.) Little Vic - Let The Dollar Circulate (Produced By Ayatollah)
20.) Cymarshall Law - This Is The End (Produced By Salaam Remi)
21.) Donnan Linkz - Buzz Kill (Produced By Oh No)
22.) Cy Yung aka Cyrano - OK Corral (Produced By Madlib)
23.) Tislam The Great - Once Again (Produced By Questlove)
24.) Faro - Love Me Or Hate Me (Produced By Scram Jones)
25.) Arsun F!st - I'm In Here (Produced By Marco Polo)
26.) Sense-I - Sense-I's The Name (Produced By Nicolay)
27.) Wordsmith feat. Kontact & Black Knight - Signing Day (Produced By Pete Rock)
28.) Journalist 103 - Til' The Trumpets Blow (Produced By Illmind)
29.) Clap Cognac feat. Jedi Knight - Chosen Ones (Produced By Havoc)
30.) City Scholar - The Rebirth (Produced By Evidence)
31.) Detroit Red - Hip Hop Redefined (Produced By Buckwild)
32.) D.V. Alias Khryst feat. Retsam Da Prince - It's Da Govarmynt (Produced By Marley Marl)
33.) Nametag - Champagne Bottle Flow (Produced By Ski Beatz)
34.) Panama
aka Da Spanish Kid - Born Ready (Produced By RZA)

35.) Hi-Coup feat. Spectacula - My Father Told Me (Produced By M-Phazes)
36.) Preach Jacobs feat. N'telligence - Mic Check (Produced By Rockwilder)
37.) The Exodus (Outro By DJ Unexpected)

Dub MD presents Hip Hop Renatus


My man just keeps churning 'em out!

01 Nueve- Intro
02 Ludacris- M.V.P.
03 Q-Tip- Move
04 Evidence- Rain Or Shine
05 H.I.S.D. (Hueston Independent Spit District) Feat. Kay & J.8 Months Lewis- Bring It Back
06 Oddisee Feat.Torae & Tiara Wiles- Gratitude
07 Edgar Allen Floe Feat.Median- What It Is
08 Little Brother- Playin To Lose
09 Blame One Feat.Sean Price- Disturbed
10 Invincible & Finale- Don't Sleep
11 Black Milk- Overdose
12 Buff 1- For You (M-Phazes Remix)
13 Dela Feat.Large Professor & Meemee Netzy- Chill
14 Keelay & Zaire Feat.Blu, Fortilive & Nino Moschella- The Times
15 Pumpkinhead Feat.Murs & Aloe Blacc- Coastal Office
16 Surreal- The Recipe
17 Edgar Allen Floe- Shine
18 Supernatural- Altitude
19 Saigon & Lil Fame- World War IV
20 Evidence Feat.Aloe Blacc & Elzhi- To Be Determined
21 Convinced Feat.Tunji- Goodbye Never
22 Alchemist Feat.Evidence, Blu & Kid Cudi- Therapy
23 Oddisee Last Joint Inst.& Nueve Outro

Nueve - Hip Hop Volume 18
update: Link fixed... sorry

My Very Eyes May Just See Under Nine Planets

How did it take so long for me to up this niceness. My humble apologies Ra. All Naptunes beats. Some new some not so new, all Good. Enjoy!

Ra The MC - A Trip To Neptune

Tool'd Up Again

Sorry Toolz. I got so caught up in listening to the thing I was late posting it. Anyway here it is.
Check out the ill tracklist people. Enjoy!

01 - Madlib - Stop [Intro]
02 - Big Shug - When I Strike (prod. by DJ Premier)
03 - Q-Tip - Gettin' Up (DJ Scratch Remix) (feat. Busta Rhymes)
04 - Invincible & Finale - Don't Sleep (prod. by Black Milk)
05 - El Da Sensei & Returners - Life It Is
06 - Braille & S1 - Frankenstein
07 - Spitten King - Piano Maze (feat. Kay & EQuality)
08 - Illa J - DFTF (feat. Affion Crockett) (prod. by J Dilla)
09 - New Jack Hustle (Shawn Jackson & Newman) - Inglewood
10 - Dekay - The Chase (prod. by Panik)
11 - Kaboose - Intercontinental Grand Dragon (feat. RedCloud)
12 - Praverb - A Blogger's Dream (prod. by Jake One)
13 - Dela - It Is What It Is (feat. Naledge)
14 - Surreal - Pursuit (feat. Supastition)
15 - Rappers I Know (Synatto Watts, Kay, S.A.V.V.I., Damien & Minus) - New Flava (prod. by The ARE)
16 - Pumpkinhead - Underground Massacre (feat. Sha Stimuli & Tools)
17 - Jean Grae & Blue Sky Black Death - Lights Out
18 - Reef The Lost Cauze - Pay-per-View
19 - Royce Da 5'9'' - Shake This (prod. by DJ Premier)
20 - Curse - Lila (feat. Jaguar Wright) (prod. by Nicolay) [Bonus]

DJ Toolz - Undaground O-Eight 2.0

Freeness of the highest order. Download this now!!!
(& say thank you)

Alliance Crew - Don't Know How To Exist

Alliance Crew's Myspace

You Silly, Silly Woman

I bet she thought this would never get out. I would strongly urge her to cancel doing anything that involves leaving her house. It just goes to show just how stupid people can be. I hope they take her daughter away from her, if only to ensure the child leads a normal & productive life. Her best line was 'He's not even Black, He's a Muslim, his mother's White'. How stupid can you be! He's not black but he has the same complexion as she does!?! Please! If this were 60 - 80 odd years ago he would be in the fields picking the cotton just the same. If a lot Black people looked back far enough into their family history, they would find white heritage in their bloodline anyway. Judging by the young ladies complexion she's gotta be one of them. She's clearly not stable & if you know her do the right thing, get her some much needed help.

I like these

Got this in the mail & i really like it. Peep the originals Here. Thanks Jesper.

The man himself dropped some free tracks for me to post for the good people. I've had a listen & my copy is now on it's way.

The radio could be great again.... right?

The Ill vibes crew put this together with a superb title. radio exec types take heed (we know they won't though). Click the pic Enjoy!

1. iLL Vibes Intro
2. How Wale Feels About the Radio (iLL Vibes Interlude)
3. Wale - Ridin in That Black Joint
4. Charles Hamilton - I'm Good (Bret Hart)
5. The Five One - Waiting For
6. Theo - Ridin Down the Freeway
7. LA - I Was Born with Music Attached to My Earlobes
8. B.O.B. - Generation Lost
9. Black ELement - The Burbs
10. Asher Roth - The Reading
11. Mickey Factz - Automatic feat. Curtis Santiago
12. XV - Flux Capacitor
13. Theophilus London - Epitome
14. Kid Cudi - Down & Out
15. 88 Keys - Stay Up (Viagra) feat. Kanye West
16. Joe Budden - Classic (Kickdrums Remix)
17. Marky - The Interview
18. Drake - Closer to My Dreams
19. Christian Rich - Monday Tuesday Girl
20. Wale - Warwick Avenue feat. Duffy
21. X.O. - Practice Your Art feat. Marky & RA the MC
22. Nando McFly - No Good feat. AB the Producer and Mouse
23. iLL Vibes Outro

We're backing Barack (UK Edition)

Nice 1 Basil

F (1) U

Racist chanting, verbal attacks, inflammatory comments from his own countrymen, practical jokes, hate mail, disgraceful websites. That is just some of what Lewis Hamilton has had to put up with on his way to becoming the Formula 1 World Champion. As evidenced with Andy Murray, who has hit a superb purple patch for British Tennis, It seems that when one of our own shows the attitude, determination, drive (no pun intended) & sheer will to win that is required to become the best, some of you are only to willing to try to bring them down. Competitive sports in schools are dwindling at an alarming rate. The powers that be state that it isn't fair on the losers. What kind of bullshit is that. It's that competitiveness that singles these guys out from the rest. It's no coincidence that the best in any sport are where they are. But encouragement has to play a part somewhere. Why are we not keeping the playing fields that we have instead of paving them over. Why is less & less money being provided to find our Champions of tomorrow. But when the few actually overcome all those odds to become one of, if not the best in the world at what they do, they get shot at (not literally) from all sides. To get that as part of your sport is one thing, but for racist abuse to makes it's way through is unbelievable. The sight of those idiots in Spain with their faces painted black & making monkey noises as Lewis came out to practise was disgusting. The fact that he is still the World Champion just shows the character of the man.

You can't have your cake & eat it. We either want British champions or we don't. Don't forget Ron Dennis & Mclaren invested in Lewis from a young age & Abdy has backing from the LTA. If the government & Lottery funding spread the wealththe right way, the stars of tomorrow could get on with becoming just that. And when they get there more celebration & less vilification would go a long way.

But my final words goes to Lewis himself. If someone is going to make comments directed at you, be they your indirect boss or anyone else, they need to be told when they speak out of turn. Bernie Eccleston should have felt the sharp edge of your tongue. A half sentence & then a papering over of the cracks os not going to get the job done. The Job being to first condemn those who make the comments & then to educate the younger generation that racist comments aren't acceptable. you are in a position of major influence. You should be teaching the younger generation the values you were obviously brought up with yourself. Extend footballs Kick It Out campaign to F1 if need be. Whether you like it or not you are a role model, now more than ever. i can understand in your position you may not want to make waves but waves are exactly what is needed in situations such as this.

p e a c e