ain't too proud to Beg

Put simply, the Foreign Beggars do things as only they can. Moulding and twisting the varying colours of the Hip Hop spectrum to great effect. There music is of a type that at times struggles to be typecast. The elements applied are easily identified. But its the way they are put together that starts the conundrum. Straight bangers like Keep It Coming and Higher providing the base colours for the contorted genius of tracks like Seven Figure Swagger, Break Free, Shake It or the brilliant No More to stand out even more. Its as if you are being lulled into a false sense of security before being bomarded with the complete palette. The undeniable swagger that accompanies all things FB is evident throughout and after repeated listens everything still sounds just as fresh as my first listen. The mix of influences, the monstrous kicks, the off key snares, the quirky drum patterns, it all just...fits. Not a skippable track to ne found and all that's before I mention the guestlist: Kashmere, Phat Kat, Kyza, Jehst, Dubbledge, Guilty Simpson, Dr Syntax. Yep, they got quality contacts too. Like I said, the Foreign Beggars do things as only they can.

p e a c e

Prove It feat. Guilty Simpson

Don't Dwoo It

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