Big Fight Politricks

Urine/blood tests are a no go huh? I dont see what all this melarchy(sp?) is about.
Manny takes the tests 30 days before the fights, so does Mayweather, both are tested after the fight. Whatst he big deal? Fucken Politics.
I dont know how they havnt reached an agreement already. Both fighters should want this fight more than anything else in their lives. Some squabbling petty shit over random blood/urine testing.
Which makes me question, why is Manny being so picky about the dates he is tested.
Why is Floyd so reluctant to have all this testing done.
Stop acting like bitch whipped cream pussies and fucken fight! ARGH!

On another note, what the fuck is this about?


nofrillz said...

why the hell is he even asking that queation? it's a damn shame. stand up for all forms of hip hop & not just for what's hot.

Baary said...

malarkey. insincere or foolish talk. word is from the 1920s.