not Ant or dec


  1. Intro (Bury Em!)
  2. The Ant Man (Prod. By Just Blaze)
  3. Back On My Shit (Prod. By Y.H. of Da Zombeez)
  4. Til We Die (Prod. By Soul Professa)
  5. Bet On Sonny (Skit)
  6. Best Shape Of My Life! Feat. Lyrical (Prod. By Cookin’ Soul)
  7. Kickin Some Asses (Prod. By Soul Professa)
  8. The Emperor (Prod. By Soul Professa)
  9. Never Lose A Fight (Skit)
  10. Sing Like Bilal (Prod. By DJ Premier)
  11. Give Em More (Prod. By Dj Babu)
  12. Hard To Hard Feat.  Q-Dubb (Prod. By Nottz)
  13. Tryna Beat It (Prod. By THX)
  14. Don’t Hang Up On People (Skit)
  15. Some Bullshit (Prod. By Frank Dukes)
  16. Can’t Figure Out (Prod. By Madlib)
  17. Mini To Pounder (Prod. By Severe Beats)
  18. We Get It Done (Prod. By Matt Monsta)
  19. Clear My Throat Feat. Jai Pressure (Prod. By Soul Professa)
  20. Get Familiar (Prod. By J Dilla)
  21. I Try (Prod. By Max I Million)
  22. Lady (Prod. By Wyze Intellect)
  23. A Better Way (Prod. By Severe Beats)
  24. The Cage Is Open (Prod. By Illmind)

Now That is one stellar cast of beatsmiths. Not sure if they were all ‘legitimately sought’ (if they were i apologies but after recent blog type events i have to be cautious) but it’s a nice listen just the same. Enjoy!

Anterluz – Fight For The Crown

Anterluz’ Myspace

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