Where were you in the beginning?

Amir Khan just sucessfully made his first title defense. And I congratulate him, and now people are seeing him as somewhat of a superstar. Now, this is all fine and dandy, only, why are people starting to show appreciation for him now? What happened when he actually won his first belt, or even when he was awarded the silver medal at the olympics.
Not too many words inbetween.
We dont get many boxers like Amir Khan in England, raw homegrown talent with a real future and the chance to become a world class athelete while already achieving such a great feat at such a young age.
Yet people still doubted, shunned and exclaimed their dislike towards him.
Every other boxer (not every boxer besides Khan, but about 1 in 3 boxers) is/are arrogant, cocky and far more obnoxious than Khan, who is a bloody lovely fella imo.
I feel that just because of his Religion and his heritage people werent as warming towards him, this great nations mentality is full of bullshit, by the way people think. Sort it out you ignorant pricks.
Amir Khan, I fucking salute you.
(He also makes his own music for his ring entrances. Fucking quality.)

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