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Undaground O-Nine 3.1

01 - Oddisee - Chocolate City Dreaming [Intro]
02 - DJ JS-1 - Ridiculous (feat. O.C. & Pharoahe Monch)
03 - AZ - Good for Nothin'
04 - Smooth Current - Disbelievers Clear the Way (feat. Insight)
05 - Waxolutionists - Steel Remains (feat. Blu)
06 - Mr. SOS - The Young & The Innocent (feat. Cashmere)
07 - Grand Puba - Same Old Drama (feat. & prod. by Large Professor)
08 - Soulstice & SBe - 2 Days in Paris (feat. Kohndo)
09 - CTTG - Vorhang auf! (feat. Jensightz) (prod. by Kev Brown)
10 - The Red Giants - Ready, Set, Go (feat. Theory Hazit)
11 - Cas Metah - I Strain (feat. Cunninlynguists & JustMe)
12 - Brown Bag All-Stars - Got It All
13 - Mos Def - Priority
14 - Raashan Ahmad - Day After Day
15 - Drake - Think Good Thoughts (feat. Phonte & Elzhi) (prod. by 9th Wonder)
16 - Fresh Daily - Hard Work (prod. by Flying Lotus)
17 - Dan Johns - You Know Me
18 - Ivan Ives - Kill 'Em (feat. Percee P)
19 - J Dilla - Pay Day (feat. Frank Nitty)
20 - Toki Wright - The Feeling (feat. & prod. by Brother Ali)
21 - U-God - Stomp da Roach (feat. GZA & Scotty Wotty)
22 - Soulbrotha - Get Some (feat. Craig G)
23 - Marco Polo & Torae - Lifetime
24 - Blaq Poet - I-Gettin (prod. by DJ Premier)
DJ Toolz Blog

stacking shelves


Words by M. L. Rook

‘Around 1995, I was playing bass in a Dutch P-Funk outfit called Groovin' Pict. It would be an understatement to say that I could write a book about the many adventures of this group and its various formations, but that is a different story altogether. Back then, one of our rival bands had a new female singer called Moon Baker, who was both gorgeous and incredibly talented, and after hearing and seeing her in action, we all knew that we had to get her to join our ranks. To our delight, we were eventually able to persuade her to come sing with us, and Moon and I ended up playing music together in different configurations of the group until around the year 2000.
Fast forward to 2004. Moon called me up one day and told me she was at long last going to start working on her solo debut, and she wanted me to be the album's main producer. Over the course of two years, we worked on and off on writing, arranging and recording her album, titled "
ABC Of Romance". It was released in 2007 by Supertracks Records, and knowing that, the term 'Off The Shelf' should not be taken literally in this particular context. However, I think that the release was limited to The Netherlands, Germany and Japan, so I don't think you'll mind if I drop one of my favourite songs that we did together, "Stay". If you like this track, you can find the full Moon Baker album "ABC Of Romance" on iTunes, Amazon and CD Universe.
Not only is she a phenomenal singer, but Moon is an amazingly humble, down-to-earth and sweet person. In my opinion, she hasn't yet gotten the full recognition that she deserves. I'll continue to do whatever I can do on my end to change that. If you dig the music, make sure that you spread the word! As always, thank you for listening’.

Moon Baker – Stay

Moon Baker – ABC Of Romance Nicolay Remix feat Kay

United We Stand…

ukak flag

I've just finished listening to one of my favourite releases of the year so far (Percy Filths Elbow Grease EP) & its suddenly struck me that the level of respect for the UK MC/Producer has risen dramatically in the last year or two. Or is it the case that the level of respectability has always been the same and its the internet that is bringing everybody together? But the internet been around for far longer than this sudden spate of togetherness. The lines could have been blurred long ago yet apart from 1 or 2 exceptions, it didn't happen. Bare in mind we are not talking about the Jay-Z's or Kanyes of this world (and no, Chris Martin doesn't count) but the 'underground' fraternity. I read on some blog reply recently (I forget where) that we over here are simply riding the Dick of our US counterparts (I left out or replaced all the other explitives). 10 or maybe even 5 years ago I might have agreed. But due in no small part, to the calibre of MC that was being churned out across the pond, my mic/MPC wielding peers have been forced to up there game. As a result, the level of our game over here has risen drastically. The UK MC we can revere are now commonplace, while British Beatsmiths worthy if the title can be found in any back alley studio from Dorset to Dundee and everywhere in between. My little collection of tracks, both new and not so new is the pudding that holds the truth. Enjoy! Now let's just hope that our government can show the same level of improvement as our MC.

p e a c e

  1. Jazz T – BX To UK feat. Tim Dog & Kashmere
  2. M9-Soul Windows feat. Cyrus Malachi & Bronze Nazareth
  3. Dom G-Reflections feat. Zion I
  4. Klashnekoff- Terrorise The City feat. Kool G Rap & Kyza
  5. Verb T & Last Skeptik-No More feat. Edo G
  6. Diversion Tactics – Pounds & Cents feat. J-Zone
  7. Evil Ed & Conspicuous Ill Out feat Shabaam Sahdeeq, Jehst, Dubbledge & LIFE Long
  8. A-Alikes – Treeman (beat by Baby J)
  9. Sonny Jim – International treasure feat. Verbal Kent
  10. Scholarman & Jonesy – Well Suited
  11. Harry Love – Fine line feat. Saukrates
  12. Jehst-Staircase To Stage feat. J-Zone
  13. The Blacknificent 7-The Exit feat. Masta Ace
  14. Foreign beggars-Let Go feat. Wildchild
  15. Nomadic Poet-Stand Up feat. Granddaddy I.U.
  16. Steady Diggin’ Workshop-Rock Y’all feat. Ohmega Watts
  17. Ty-This Here Music feat. Speech
  18. Blind Alpabetz-Hopeful feat. M1 of Dead Prez
  19. KRS-One – U Must Learn UK feat. Skinnyman, Paradise & MCD

CSF presents Divided We FalL

Jazz T’s Myspace|M9’s Myspace|Dom G’s Myspace

Klashnekoff’s Myspace|Verb T’s Myspace

The Last Skeptik’s Myspace

Diversion Tactics Myspace|Evil Ed’s Myspace

Conspicuous’ Myspace|Baby J’s Myspace

Sonny Jim’s Myspace|Jonesy’s Myspace

Harry Loves Myspace|Jehsts Myspace

Foreign Beggars Myspace|Nomadic Poets Myspace

Steady Diggin’ Workshops Myspace

Ty’s Myspace|Blind Alphabetz Myspace

Skinnyman’s Myspace|Rodney P’s Myspace

i'm not Suicidal

When an MC's major release is as short on time as Suicide Music is, setting the right tone is probably the best way to win over the listener. That being said, i'm still yet to decide if L.E.G.A.C.Y achieves this. Yet, when taken in context with the rest of the album, it fits like a glove. The concept & execution of the album as a whole is second to none. Some of the musings found on SM are typical of todays MC but more importantly they are typical of todays human beings. L.E.G's triumph is that he easliy uses these views & weaves them in with the more macabre final thoughts of his album persona. You could almost call each track an argument for or against the final outcome. Yet for all that to work, just the right atmosphere is need to sow it all together & Khrysis duly obliges. In my view this is easily his best work behind the boards. We all know that the man can make bangers but that isn't all that was needed here. His beats are either thumping, sombre, leftfield or dark in all the right places (which also says something about the albums arrangement). Even if this album creation was simply a case of I make beats you spit over them, the key is, that is not what is conveyed to the listener. It is quite simply put together too well for that to be the case. Now I know that stringing this kind of concept out would go against it, but my only gripe is the length of the album. Not neccessarily the number of tracks, but the length of the tracks themselves. With an average of under 3 minutes, everything is over before you know it. Maybe thats part of how it's all supposed to feel given the overhanging theme. But regardless, as you may have guessed, what the album lacks in quantity it more than makes up for in quality. Ignore this at your own risk,

p e a c e

love, peace & Soul

Just finished checking this one out. Definite niceness here. Soulstice has easily kept his more than solid catalogue going with this one. This time he is backed from start to finish by SBe (who is one to watch for sure). Plus the guest list is crazy. Supastition, GLC, Oddisee, Eternia, Kohndo, Zap Mama, Krewcial, Wordsmith & Kev Brown all make an appearance. If that isn't enough to put you up on this then nothing is. I've dropped a couple of tasters for the good people to try out. Enjoy!

Soulstice & Sbe - Beyond Borders 3 Track Sampler

keep on Spreading The Word

00 - stw vol. 3 front cover

Italy, France, Korea, Australia, Thailand, UK, USA, Germany & more for the good people to get to know. Peep the tracks & support the artists. Plus there are 1 or 2 exclusives too. Enjoy!

01 - Intro (beat by DJ Whitesmith) (assembled by nofrillz)
02 - Art Of Fresh - The Chase (Catch Me if You Can)
03 - Delta - The Lines feat. Mojo The Cinematic & The Dap Kings
04 - DJ Tonk - Turn the Party Out (Headnodic Remix)
05 - Midicronica - Lost Highway feat.601
06 - Sean Wyze - Flavor Check feat. Poetik Force & Sincere
07 - Unfriendly Neighbours - Grown Ups feat. Reggiimental & Emma Louise
08 - Movezerbe - Le Loop
09 - Adrian Champion - Ms. Doorbell (The White Stripes + Mos Def)
10 - J. Nolan - What I've Got to Say
11 - Le Klub Des 7 - Quand Je Serai Grand
12 - Dirty Smarts, LLC - The Awakening
13 - True Live - Somewhere I Can Go
14 - M Riebold & Max Miules - Daft Punk
15 - Impulss - Sonovagun feat. Coldstare and Mudnoc
16 - Prisma - Hitotsu Ni feat. Fat Jon
17 - Space Cowboy - After love feat. Jang Hye Jin & Jay Crown
18 - Pe2ny - Sunshine of My Life feat. Paloalto, Born Kim, Onesun & Maniac
19 - Soulution - I Been feat. rhema Soul
20 - Lushlife - The Songbird Athletic
21 - Fabio Musta - Antiopinionisti feat. Paura & Clementino
22 - Kyza - Love & Music
23 - 4ยช Estrofe - Kimbo
24 - Willo Wispa - Same Ol' Same Old (Exclusive)
25 - Dynamic Duo - L.B.A feat. E-Sens for Supreme Team, Kim Yeon Woo
26 - Azzurro - Livin' Proof Pt. 2 feat. J.F.KasJ
27 - Micall Parknsun - Still Here
28 - Jester Jacobs - Lost Mines
29 - Sunclef - Nightlife
30 - Salvo - The Info feat. Kashmere
31 - C-mone - UK Chant Remix feat Cizzi, Kirk spencer & Zeeks

Spread The Word Volume 3

SPAID, keep taking your vitamins boy


Man my inbox just doesn’t stop these days. SPAID may be a new ‘kid’ on the block but he is already keeping great company. These 2 bouts were both sparred by Vitamin D. Nuff said, Enjoy!

SPAID – Love Affair (beat by Vitamin D)

SPAID – 80’s Baby (beat by Vitamin D)

Wax lyrical

If you haven’t checked for the album yet (Liquid Courage) then more fool you. It is superb & throws you a couple of curve balls too. tsk tsk tsk. Anyway, this vid should convince you.

I speak the Trewth

Trew IV

Just finished listening to this guys EP. Superb stuff from beginning to end. With a background provided by Ski Beatz (yes that is Ski), Nottz & Apple Juice Kid. 9 full tracks in all. and it will be freeness too. But alas, i can’t give up the goods just yet. For now, peep the SKi blessed single to stop the withdrawl. Enjoy!

Trew – Swag feat, Ski Beatz & Vin Briez

I’ve seen the Light


More instrumeniceness for the good people (do you like the way I mixed the 2 words together?). This guy obviously likes the mellower side of life, yet there is a definite ode to the 90’s about his beats. And yes, there are some absolute gems to be had too. Enjoy!

Es Nine – Light Of Day

Clap Yo Hands (i liked that song)


words by M. L. Rook

‘I am pretty sure that the fellas of United Soul (an R&B duo from Philadelphia that since changed their name to U.City) didn't end up using this remix, but I know they liked it, and so does my wife Aimee, who suggested it for the next installment of Off The Shelf. Just a smooth joint to cuddle up with your significant other to, done somewhere in '05. Shoutouts to U.City, Yahzarah and Phonte. Enjoy, and thanks for listening!’

Soul Clap (Nicolay Remix) feat. Yahzarah & Phonte

Bonus: Soul Clap (Album Remix) feat. Jean Grae, Phonte & DP

best of British

OK, so lemme just get thet fact that I love this tune out of the way. Here goes……. I love This Tune. There, done……..

Bolly’s in the Hood


Buddy Maxwell is a definite talent. I defy anyone who can’t find a single beat you like out of the 20 Bollyewood inspired beats that are on show in this download. Check it out. Enjoy

Buddy Maxwell–BollyHood

A Riotous occasion


Firstly I want to big up Fatgums of The NOVELISTS for giving me the heads up on his latest project. A Pieceful Riot sees him team up with Bambu(yes that Bambu). This has been blockading my Sennheisers for a few days now so I suggest you make your way HERE for the breakdown. in the mean time peep these tasters. Enjoy.

Fatgums & Bambu – Gunslinger I

Fatgums & Bambu – Good Clothes

Bash..bash..bash..bash (Click A Pic)





Just found this nice bit of freeness via my inbox. Real nice mixtape/EP/album from The Left (of the B B’s) & DJ Concept. Just checked out the site too. They got some major freeness (and cheapness over there so thought i’d make this a Bashing free for all. You can get more of the same from the Bros. site HERE.

So, do as the title suggests & Click A Pic & Enjoy!

Wize Up to the Cold facts

frontlkb Remember when postig Jay-Z remix albus was fashionable (huilty as charged). Luckily I only ever posted the good ones & so that trend continues with this Coldplay infused project by Beatwize (thanks Heaps). like I said, I only posted the good ones. Enjoy.

Beatwize (Coldplay & Jay-Z) – X Y J-Z




Why are there 2 pictures above. Since some of my fellow countrymen/women are obviously not sensible enough to do the right thing, we now have to live with the fact that the BNP now have 2 seats in European parliament. I’m not gonna bleat on about how beneath the supposed clean cut veneer lies a nest of racist bigotry or that people such as these will now be living the fat cat life at our expense. My views on the current parliamentary debacle can be found in a previous post HERE. However I will simply end with this. To the British people, you reap what you sow.

p e a c e

Like a duck to water


Got this in the mail a few days ago. Have to send props to these guys for putting together some niceness that sits in a place a little to the left than most. Hell, even the covers are quirkyness personified More of the same fellas. Enjoy!!!


Howard Life Crew - Jacquestars

HLC’s Myspace

Double K, Double K


Damn, Kid done collected some major production muscle for his latest project. 17 Samurai is a collection of tracks remixed by Kid Kanevil’s favourite beatsmiths. The Man obviously has great taste with the likes of TM Duke, Mr. Thing, Jehst, Rhythm Coalition & DJ Vadim listed amon the contributors. A Couple of tasters are to be found below, with a little bonus thrown in too. Enjoy!

Stomp ft. Justin Percival (Jehst Remix)

When I Dig It (DJ Vadim Remix) ft. Kissey Asplund & Blu

Bonus: 18th Samurai Mixtape


pswkl You can see the due date above (today UK time). The niceness factor will be high. Proof that demonstrates as such is available below. Enjoy !

Pseudo Slang–Walkin’ feat. Grap Luva

Pseudo Slang–Broke & Copasetic feat. Vinia Mojica