Apathy is definitely NOT the best policy

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For those that aren’t from the UK, or are from these shores & have just been living in self induced solitary confinement, It has recently come to light that our (UK) government has been systematically ripping the taxpayer off. The rules that are supposed to stop MP’s from taking the piss out of us are designed for them to do just that. Every morning we have to hear about yet another ‘Right Honourable’ lady or gentlemen not doing what the Honourable part suggests. 10,000’s of pounds have repeatedly been claimed & reclaimed by our so called elected reresentitives, Great Britain is at a tipping point. We have been upset with our governments actions before. A was based on lies being the most recent. But there is a new kind of anger among the British people. Not only that, but a younger generation that are already apathetic towards what goes on at number 10 are going to take non-responsiveness to a new level. I sense that something drastic is coming. i just hope that something drastic doesn’t involve the BNP. The British National prty represent everything that modern Britain does NOT stand for. These racist bastards are now tring to pass them selves off as a moderate, viable alternative to the main Parties. Here is a party that wants a complete shut down on immigration. Here is a party that believes that The Gurkhas, A force that fought & died for the very freedoms that They now enjoy, should not be allowed to stay in this country (stating that they were ‘Well paid’ for their services). Now, I may be upset & even angered by what my government has been doing. But the one thing I not want, is that this country’s lack of movement towards a ballot box allows the BNP any kind of foot in the door when it comes to major decisions. If you’re an angry citizen, excercise your right to vote fot another part. Just make sure that the other party is not the BNP. In the current climate, APATHY is not the best policy.

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