2nd Annual Favz

There are those that are to be expected, there are those that over time started to wear down my ear drums, then there are those that came straight out of leftfield like a slap on the cheek on a brisk winters morning (albeit a lot more pleasurable). Yet however they made it, they make up my 2nd annual favourites list. I have to say that I find it rather amusing when some of my fellow scribes drop things like "if this album or that album isn't on your best of list, you're not Hip Hop", or something along those lines. It may be a tongue in cheek remark, but intentional or not we shouldn't be trying to influence our fellow bloggers opinions. After all, that is what most blogs (write ups) are based on, opinions. That's why this is a list of my personal favs. As usual, i had a hard time separating a few but below is where i ended up. Remember these are just my personal favourites. holla back!


Foreign Beggars – United Colours Of Beggattron

The ultimate in quirky UK swagger. I can't remember hearing drums quite like some of what's on show here anywhere else. The cross genre appeal of United Colours... is undeniable. With each release Orifice, Dag, Metropolis & DJ Nonames just get better with each new release. Overlook this at your peril.


Aarophat & Illastrate(Black Noise) – The Black Noise LP

I'm still wondering why I had never added this one to my regular rotation list. I've been playing it regularly for about 2 months straight. I had always meant to review it but never actually got round to it, which is doing this albums greatness a grave disservice. It is these kind of discoveries that reignite my faith in Hip Hop.


Fashawn – Boy Meets World

He’s done it himself, he’s done it with Blu and now he's done it again with Fashawn. It seems that any project Exile touches turns to platinum (metaphorically speaking unfortunately). But don't think this is purely a beat driven decision as Fash is a wordsmith of the highest calibre. An MC with a message, some substance, and an shedload of mic skills.


Mongrel – Better Than Heavy

Quite easily the most original album on my list. This politically driven mix of Indie, Funk, Drum n Bass, Grime and Hip Hop, incorporates live instrumentation throughout and as such the tunes are catchy as hell. But this also an album full of jewels provided by none other than Lowkey. Ably assisted by a concoction of The Arctic Monkeys, Babyshambles & Reverend and the Makers. Reel them in with the great tunes and hit 'em with the heat when they're caught. In my view this should be verging on greatness but will probably be consigned to life under the radar.


Thaione Davis – Still Hear

This one came at me from nowhere to ultra repetitive play. And the worst thing is I had this in my collection a couple of months ago. Such is its quality I am embarrassed I didn't jump on it sooner. Big up the Bloggerhouse crew! 

Brother Ali - US

Brother Ali – US

My personal pick for the best MC in the game right now. He murders everything his touches. Yet he does it with such substance that I always find myself rewinding because of what he said and how he said it. You can’t say that about many of today’s lyricists. As for the beats, ooooooh ant. You bloody genius. And ain’t nobody gonna tell me any different!

The Interview - Funky DL

Funky DL – The Interview

Say what you like about the accent but that doesn’t change the fact that this album is an example of what Hip Hop is all about. His formula has never changed but when it works this well, why bother.


Eric Roberson – Music Fan First

This guy has always been pretty much at the forefront of my thoughts whenever the Neo-Soul Movement is mentioned. All of his releases are of the highest standard and this one is no different. I still can’t believe there are people out there who profess to love there modern soul, yet have no idea who this guy is.


Tanya Morgan – Brooklynati

Moonlighting is a great album. Brooklynati is even better. The beats have moved up a notch and as usual the rhymes are supperb. Yet its the concept behind it all that solidified it’s place in my list. A Cross betweeen Brooklyn and Cincinnati!?! This has gotta be the most original concept of the last few years right (let alone ‘09).


Micall Parknsun – First Second Time Around

The talent is just as great as it was the first time. Hip Hops everyman for us over here returns just as hungry as before. But there's no escaping the fact that he is being accompanied by a selection of even better beats this time round with M-Phazes and Jehst among the selectors of choice.


Skyzoo – The Salvation

I have always been a big fan of this guys flow. His album with regular PNC 9th Wonder is still in regular rotation on my Ipod/Blackberry. I was just hoping that his beat choices matched his delivery. The Salvation is an apt. Title.


Robin Thicke – Sex Therapy: The Experience

Finally its here. This is a man who, so far, hasn't missed a beat with any of his albums. This, his latest album, may not be as personal but with the obviously suggestive title it was never meant to be. Whether inwardly perceptive or outwardly sensual, the vocals are always spot on. Justin may shift more units, but this man is my champion for mainstream rnb.


Clipse – Til The Casket Drops

The third release from the Brothers Thornton, doesn't quite reach the same echelon as the previous 2. But look at what this year had bought mainstream Hip Hop. in my opinion this is still way beyond most of 2009's other contenders.


Orphans Of Cush – White Noize

Quite simply awesome! Gem after gem after gem is dropped with amazing regularity. The beats that were selected to drop them over however are bordering on the stuff of legend. If your gonna put out a mixtape, this has gotta be a blueprint for how its done. Oooooh The Golden Age.


Camp Lo – Another Heist

How do these guys do it. The combo of Sonny, Geechi and Ski (Beats) behind the boards has always been a match made in retrofied heaven. How and why ski isn't a much busier man continues to be a mystery to me. Loaah!, have a niche all their own and play their roles superbly. All time favourites of mine and long may that continue.

Dynas - The Apartment

Dynas – The Apartment

Dynas sophomore effort and first via BBE also happens to contain my personal fav headnod this year. Family jewels is an undercover banger (with slick rick thrown in for good measure). No weaknesses here at all yet its dynas' varied yet charimatic flow the drives this one from start to finish.


People Under The Stairs – Carried Away

There are those who don't consider this to be as good as Fun DMC. That as may be (I still got from start to finish without skipping a track though) but those folks should now compare Carried Away with most of the alternatives. These guys simply don't do wack.


Busta Rhymes – I Bullshit You Not

Sorry Bus but if it was a boxing match, your mixtape would take on the mantle of floyd mayweather. Quite why you didn't release such outstanding material as the album only you will know. As it is the mixtape proves that you still are a man to be reckoned with on the mic and that DJ Scratch is still just as savage behind the boards.


Delegates Of Culture – Bad Guys

These dudes are gritty. Real talk from start to finish. Yet the unabashed grit of earlier releases has been replaced by a sharper, more focused approach. The results are a far more polished effort. And the guys take on the Wu classic C.R.E.A.M. is lyrically genius.


Strong Arm Steady – In Search Of Stoney Jackson

Loose Girl stream

Madlib at his awesome best, SAS tenderizing the mic, plus a couple of scene stealing cameos. Means that this will be on repeat on my ipod well into 2010. Peep the review.


Phoenix Da Icefire – Baptism Under Fire

And so the Principles, ear for beats and errrr... Gem dropping skills are being passed througout this already burgeoning crew with the emergence of Phoenix. Read the review for the rest but needless to say, anything Triple Darkness release is fire.


Chef Raekwon – Only Built For Cuban Linx Pt. II

The critics were silenced when Rae let this baby loose. The tone carries on right where part 1 left off. It may not quite carry the classic undertones of its predecessor, but it comes mighty close. This is near classic stuff to me. And Dre let this pass him by!?!?!

My Honourable mentions:

Elzhi - The Leftovers Unmixed

Choklate – To Whom It May Concern

Paten Locke – Super Ramen Rocketship

Dillon & Paten Locke – Studies In Hunger

Tom Hardy - The Hardy Boy Mixtape

DJ Devastate – Movement/Silence

Slum Village – Villa Manifesto EP

happy new year Toolie!!!

DJ Toolz [2009] -- V.A. - UndaGround O-Nine 6.1

Disc 1

101 - The FakeHunters - Stranger [Intro]
102 - Slum Village - Da Night
103 - Black Milk - Keep Going
104 - Strong Arm Steady & Madlib - Questions (feat. Planet Asia & Fashawn)
105 - EMC - Another Day in My Life
106 - Jern Eye - Beautiful (prod. by Illmind)
107 - Blitz The Ambassador - Goodbye Stereotype
108 - J.J. Brown - The World's a Stage
109 - Dominique Larue - Where Are All the Female Emcees?
110 - Statik Selektah - Do What I Believe (feat. Bahamadia)
111 - Eternia - Foul Child
112 - Rita J - Outlasted (feat. Guilty Simpson)
113 - Strange Fruit Project - Home (feat. Tre) (prod. by 9th Wonder)
114 - Lawz Spoken - My Legacy (feat. Sole Pro)
115 - Sene - Departure from Time
116 - Athletic Mic League - Feels Good
117 - Ghettosocks - Recreation
118 - Cool-Aide (MiC K!NG & Chum) - Wordperfect (feat. Elzhi)
119 - Obie Trice - Got Hungry (prod. by MoSS)
120 - Souls Of Mischief - Postal
121 - Ras Kass - If This World Was Mine (feat. Doo Wop) (prod. by Pete Rock)
122 - Sa-Ra Creative Partners - Love Czars II (feat. Ta'Raach & Jay Electronica)

Disc 2

201 - Mellow Orange - Ballroom Swing [Intro]
202 - Felt (Slug & Murs) - She Sonnet
203 - Dumhi - Bridges (feat. Flud, Mashcomp & Jermiside)
204 - AB - Go At It (feat. Phat Kat, Elzhi & Bishop Lamont) (prod. by Black Milk)
205 - Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic) - Damn
206 - Homeboy Sandman - Angels With Dirty Faces
207 - Sapient - Famine
208 - Curse & Akhenaton - Yes We Can't
209 - AZ - I'm Ill (prod. by MoSS)
210 - D-Sisive - Ken Park (prod. by Marco Polo)
211 - XV - 50 First Dates
212 - TAO & Defizit - For the Sco (Rock 2 Dis)
213 - Zumo Kollie - Victory Lap
214 - Jabee - Blood (prod. by The ARE)
215 - LMNO & Yann Kesz - Just Want You
216 - Pugs Atomz & Rashid Hadee - I'll Wait for You
217 - DJ K.O. - Living Out a State of Mind Pt. 2 (feat. Silent Knight) (prod. by Analogic)
218 - T3, Buff1, Ro Spit, Fat Ray, One Be Lo, Marv Won, Fatt Father & Phatboy Chef - Detroit Riots (prod. by Black Milk)
219 - XO - Blah Blah (prod. by Oddisee)
220 - a.ERO - SickSongsOnly
221 - Masta Ace & Edo G - Authentic
222 - Reflection Eternal - Just Begun (feat. Jay Electronica, J. Cole & Mos Def)
223 - Statik Selektah - Come Around (feat. Talib Kweli, Termanology & Royce Da 5'9'')

Undaground O-Nine 6.1 Pt.1/Pt. 2

soulPhonics force

Jonathan's Beats & Pieces Cover

Jon phonics is back. This apparently it only took him 2 or 3 months to come up with these. With the quality of what’s on show thats quite a feat. UK stand up!!! Enjoy!

01 Intro
02 Chipfunk
03 Bump ‘N Ground
04 A Dying Breed
05 Jonnyalizeandthebutterscollab feat. Jyager
06 In the Rumble of the Belly
07 Stunting
08 Hands On The Table feat. Piff Mayo
09 Words from the Brimstone
10 Bunsen Burner
11 Illest shit you ever heard (w_ Toe Jam & Earl)
12 In the Yeah
13 Mama always told me
14 TextYour(d) Links (Hush)
15 Personal Gain
16 Do it
17 White Pain
18 Ice Cream
19 I aint rich baby
20 The Truth
21 Peace Keeper
22 I Love Cats
23 Lipstick on your collar
24 Hitthewetbacksforthegetback
25 The Joint
26 Do you want this
27 Spaceache
28 White Socks (Outro)

Jon Phonics – Beats and Pieces

Rap it Up fellas


I’m not gonna explain this, because quite simply, i shouldn’t have to. Enjoy!

RAP UP 2009

Big Fight Politricks

Urine/blood tests are a no go huh? I dont see what all this melarchy(sp?) is about.
Manny takes the tests 30 days before the fights, so does Mayweather, both are tested after the fight. Whatst he big deal? Fucken Politics.
I dont know how they havnt reached an agreement already. Both fighters should want this fight more than anything else in their lives. Some squabbling petty shit over random blood/urine testing.
Which makes me question, why is Manny being so picky about the dates he is tested.
Why is Floyd so reluctant to have all this testing done.
Stop acting like bitch whipped cream pussies and fucken fight! ARGH!

On another note, what the fuck is this about?


G’z up ho’z down

MaG _ I Ain't Goin' Back to Retail! (2009)

Niceness is the way of the walk.

MaG – I Ain’t Going Back To Retail

zSHARE - Good Morning.mp3

I was contacted today via Email with some new music. Its pretty good, I had no idea who the band were so I checked their myspace...this is some info from their "About me" section

After two stalled attempts to release projects on independent labels St Joe Louis go it alone with their first release 30,000ft High & Rising. The title speaks to the increasing pressure to travel toward your dreams and is a nod to the seminal DeLa Soul 3ft High & Rising. St Joe Louis is a trio composed of Elete the groups producer/emcee, Tom Chase (emcee)and Michael Cardigan (emcee). The project is produced entirely by Elete and after the pounding drums of the opener 30,000 start it seems he is up to the challenge. The project features Skyzoo, PH (formerly pumpkinhead), Silent Knight and others.

and this is their new single.

zSHARE - Good Morning.mp3



not Ant or dec


  1. Intro (Bury Em!)
  2. The Ant Man (Prod. By Just Blaze)
  3. Back On My Shit (Prod. By Y.H. of Da Zombeez)
  4. Til We Die (Prod. By Soul Professa)
  5. Bet On Sonny (Skit)
  6. Best Shape Of My Life! Feat. Lyrical (Prod. By Cookin’ Soul)
  7. Kickin Some Asses (Prod. By Soul Professa)
  8. The Emperor (Prod. By Soul Professa)
  9. Never Lose A Fight (Skit)
  10. Sing Like Bilal (Prod. By DJ Premier)
  11. Give Em More (Prod. By Dj Babu)
  12. Hard To Hard Feat.  Q-Dubb (Prod. By Nottz)
  13. Tryna Beat It (Prod. By THX)
  14. Don’t Hang Up On People (Skit)
  15. Some Bullshit (Prod. By Frank Dukes)
  16. Can’t Figure Out (Prod. By Madlib)
  17. Mini To Pounder (Prod. By Severe Beats)
  18. We Get It Done (Prod. By Matt Monsta)
  19. Clear My Throat Feat. Jai Pressure (Prod. By Soul Professa)
  20. Get Familiar (Prod. By J Dilla)
  21. I Try (Prod. By Max I Million)
  22. Lady (Prod. By Wyze Intellect)
  23. A Better Way (Prod. By Severe Beats)
  24. The Cage Is Open (Prod. By Illmind)

Now That is one stellar cast of beatsmiths. Not sure if they were all ‘legitimately sought’ (if they were i apologies but after recent blog type events i have to be cautious) but it’s a nice listen just the same. Enjoy!

Anterluz – Fight For The Crown

Anterluz’ Myspace

Scholastic pursuits



Free Spirit Of A Troubled Soul


E commerce


Damn i was reeeeeeal late on this one. But it’s super nice so imma post it anyway. Enjoy!

1. The Money [prod. Presto]
2. Still Love Ya feat. Celetia Martin [prod. Leggo]
3. Get It Off Ya Chest [feat. + prod. Nobody Famous]
4. Lost & Found [prod. Chuck Chilla]
5. The Find [prod. T.iM]
6. If U [prod. Leggo]
7. Word Is Bond [prod. Nobody Famous + cuts by DJ Mark1]
8. Make Way – Beat Ventriloquist Remix [prod. The Beat Ventriloquists]
9. The Example [prod. Leggo]
10. No Doubt feat. Sum Kid + Chris Clarke [prod. Chuck Chilla]
11. Tragedy [prod. Disco]
12. Just Move –Beat Ventriloquist Remix [prod. The Beat Ventriloquists]
13. The Spell feat. Osandi Sekou [prod. Leggo]
14. Happy Dayz – Gosselin Remix [prod. Jared Gosselin]
15. In Love – Bautista Remix [prod. The Beat Ventriloquists]
16. Runnin’ [prod. Leggo]
17. Ay Yo [prod. Chuck Chilla]
18. Get Yours feat. Now On [prod. Haircut aka Mayer Hawthorne]
19. What U Need – Weirdo Remix [prod. Weirdo]

E Reece – Art & Commerce

Follow him (Twitter)



Hump 2…

DH2Cov1 The Ashy’s are back. My fav Hip Hop comedians return with Dry Humpin 2. You can tell from the Parodial cover where they got the concept for this one. Fuuuunny stuff. Snuff B. Sure… Genius. Enjoy!

Dry Humpin’ 2

ain't too proud to Beg

Put simply, the Foreign Beggars do things as only they can. Moulding and twisting the varying colours of the Hip Hop spectrum to great effect. There music is of a type that at times struggles to be typecast. The elements applied are easily identified. But its the way they are put together that starts the conundrum. Straight bangers like Keep It Coming and Higher providing the base colours for the contorted genius of tracks like Seven Figure Swagger, Break Free, Shake It or the brilliant No More to stand out even more. Its as if you are being lulled into a false sense of security before being bomarded with the complete palette. The undeniable swagger that accompanies all things FB is evident throughout and after repeated listens everything still sounds just as fresh as my first listen. The mix of influences, the monstrous kicks, the off key snares, the quirky drum patterns, it all just...fits. Not a skippable track to ne found and all that's before I mention the guestlist: Kashmere, Phat Kat, Kyza, Jehst, Dubbledge, Guilty Simpson, Dr Syntax. Yep, they got quality contacts too. Like I said, the Foreign Beggars do things as only they can.

p e a c e

Prove It feat. Guilty Simpson

Don't Dwoo It

Buy It

Chicken goes with Waffles…!?!?!


My man Kevin, music mogul extraordinaire, has made the third installment of the Order Up! series available for the masses free of charge. But if you like what you hear don’t be afraid to support.

Order Up! Volume 3/iTunes/Amazon

(…must be a US thing)

Scene to do the right thing


Dyme Def can pretty much do no wrong (musically anyway). Their new mixtape is now available for all to partake in such niceness. Mixed by DJ Scene, it also acts as a precursor for The Sex Tape. Enjoy!

Dyme Def & DJ Scene – Do Something

Where were you in the beginning?

Amir Khan just sucessfully made his first title defense. And I congratulate him, and now people are seeing him as somewhat of a superstar. Now, this is all fine and dandy, only, why are people starting to show appreciation for him now? What happened when he actually won his first belt, or even when he was awarded the silver medal at the olympics.
Not too many words inbetween.
We dont get many boxers like Amir Khan in England, raw homegrown talent with a real future and the chance to become a world class athelete while already achieving such a great feat at such a young age.
Yet people still doubted, shunned and exclaimed their dislike towards him.
Every other boxer (not every boxer besides Khan, but about 1 in 3 boxers) is/are arrogant, cocky and far more obnoxious than Khan, who is a bloody lovely fella imo.
I feel that just because of his Religion and his heritage people werent as warming towards him, this great nations mentality is full of bullshit, by the way people think. Sort it out you ignorant pricks.
Amir Khan, I fucking salute you.
(He also makes his own music for his ring entrances. Fucking quality.)

alternative tidings

The Foreign Exchange 2

Well well well. Somebody somewhere with a bit of clout obviously know great music when they hear it. Via Daykeeper, Phonte & Nicolay have been nominated for a Grammy. Congrats lads & good luck on the night. One thing this nomination will definitely do is to shine a much brighter light on these guys and those who accompany them. Should be interesting to see how that goes.

Phoenix nights (Peter would be proud)


See you there (hopefully)



This is your best one yet bruv. Exclusives aplenty and all showcasing some of the best we have to offer. You’d be foolish not to grab this. Enjoy!

1. Chima Anya - Drinks Up (produced by Raul Supreme)
2. Homeless Genius - Plug One ft. Eddie Skratch (produced by Miss Tofelees)
3. Missing People - Bradford to Leeds (produced by ExP)
4. Suus - Top 40 (produced by Pro P)
5. Dialect - Bucket of Spit (produced by A.D.S.)
6. Kirk Spencer - Clap Your Hands ft. Scorzayzee, Jah Digga, Tempa & Lee Ramsey
7. Kasha - Round and Round We Go (produced by Chris Lock)
8. DJ Roast - Trading Darts ft. Cyrus Malachi
9. Reps - Stepping Up (produced by OSTR)
10. C-Lone – Friends (produced by MCM)
11. Preest – Paranoid (produced by Arcitech)
12. Mr. Flex - Nothing To Prove ft. Sophie Rose (produced by Beat Butcha)
13. Delusionists - The Low (produced by Ben Black)
14. S.Kalibre - All Day (produced by Mike S)
15. Teef – Rush (produced by Errol Farquah)
16. Chief Wigz - Don’t Want Much ft. Proptic (produced by Brutal Artistry)
17. Amass Hegemony - Cinematic Visuals (produced by Illskilz)
18. Franko Fraize - Blood of the Earth (produced by DJ IC)
19. 30KB - My Vote (produced by Article10)
20. No-Change – Wonderful (produced by Mike D)
21. Illmystic - Life’s An Outing (produced by Risk)

Certified Banger presents – On The Radar Volume 5