Is hip hop blogging something you go into for recognition? Of course any modicum of respect and/or adulation is superb. To have your peers telling you that they like what you do is obviously a good thing but you can't go into this with the sole reason being to attain that type of love. Part of what you strive to do must involve giving an honest opinion of all things hip hop: Putting points across, raising a few neccessary issues and if need be, giving certain folks a well needed reality check. One thing i've always liked about the blogging 'community', is that although some of the fiends comments left on some blogs are obviously left by people who have nothing better to do that bitch all day long, the bloggers themselves only show love to each other. Regularly giving props and collaborating on certain projects. I hope this is something that we will be doing on future musings. Lastly, being that i am from the UK (& considering the lack of universal love shown to our shores) i'll be showing much appreciation to my hip hop countrymen. so expect to see homage paid to UK hip hop as most of our MC's nearly all of our producers go largely unnoticed on the worldwise hip hop radar. I hope you peeps out there like what we do.
so withour further adu.........

10 superb tracks from Uk talent: featuring; Ghost, Chester P, The IRS, Skuff, Verb T, Delegates Of Culture & Ramson Badbonez

p e a c e

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