The Shape Of Things To Come

As nice as they are, i've always wondered what would've happened to The Roots if they had kept using the formula that made Illadelph Halflife & Things fall apart amazing albums? I'm all for expanding one's horizons but nobody can tell me that any of their albums since the two i mentioned have reached the same dizzying heights of lyrical & sonic splendor (Beanie Sigel's verse on adrenaline was ridiculous). Well i'd like to think that the group i'm about to highlight would be the answer to that question. True Live, hailing from Melbourne, Austraila, released their debut album 'The Shape Of It' last year. This album takes the meaning of live instrumentation to a whole new level. The array of orchestral strings, woodwinds and superb live drum patterns marry superbly with the groups gifted MC (RHyNO). Rolling Stone said it was 'the most epic Australian hip hop album to date'. When i first heard this i searched high & low for a copy but was unable to find a site that had one in stock. Then about 6 months after giving up, i was looking for something else entirely and stumbled upon it in a second hand music shop selling for £1.00. So i decided to share a few tracks with the good people out there. If you like 'em i may post the whole thing. This is, in my humble opinion, one of the best hip hop of it's year (2006) and would easily put most of this years crap to shame as well. 

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