Ghost Deini

Before he releases a new album there is always a lot of anticipation on the blog & forum circuit. He is one artist that on the whole never fails to disappoint. From Ironman to The Pretty Tony Album through to his latest effort, The Big Doe Rehab, he always seems to: (a) have an uncanny ear for spotting a good beat & (b) is always entertaining as well as engaging in the mic. I'm struggling to think of another artist who has consistently brought the heat over such a lengthy list of longplayers (although you could put forward a strong arguement for Redman). Even his supposed weakest efforts, Bulletproof Wallets & More Fish (unless the peepz have another opinion), may well be weak by his standards but they still rank as well above average when compared to other albums from the same year of release. Come on people who else can spit over full vocal versions of such classics by The Delphonics (Holla), The Stylistics (Big Girl) & Johnny 'Guitar' Watson (Supa GFK) and make it sound so damn cool. He's got the character, the mic skillz, the lyrical variation & the beats to be a pushing a lot more units. So in a time when cd sales across all genres is decreasing year on year (and contrary to popular belief most of us internet 'fiends' do actually go out & buy cd too), why do the Jay-z and Nas figures continue to elude him. He has had crossover hits with All That I Got Is You & Cherchez La Ghost. I seem to remember the former especially getting major video play when it dropped. Maybe it's a sign of his greatness that even with his radio friendly attempts he refuses to relinquish the core reason for his appeal to people like me. His only downfall for me? His failure to put out the supposed album with MF Doom (come on now boyz!!!). I have heard the new album. Lyrically its typical Tony. Superb and lively stuff and in my eyes there is not a single skippable track on the album. The beats mesh perfectly, sliding from one to the mext with ease. Usually this would be a sure fire sign of boredom but the beats are good enough, and Ghost#s presence great enough. for any impending stagnation to be the last thing on anybody's mind. I dare anyone to tell me they let a single track on BDR pass them by. I for one will be straight out on december 4th to purchase my copy of The Big Doe Rehab. Also can i just say, I think that his son (Sun God) gets better & better every time i hear him and i won't be surprised when the baton gets passed down. I know it's probably affecting your wallet but your a credit to your art. Ghostface Killah, i salute you.

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