Sunny Times in Hot Places

I picked this Up awhile ago when, as usual i was looking for something completely different. I then lost track of it for a while but luckily enough i found it again. The MC's name is Tahiti and the tracks are all produced by Symbolyc 1 (now you know why i picked it up). The Birth Of Whack EP came out in 2005 way under the radar but i'm a big Strange Fruit Project fan so for me it was a no brainer. Tahiti's delivery suits the beats and he adds a little bit of a humour to proceedings. The beats are typical S1 (which can't be bad). Chilled bass lines and piano loops coupled with clean yet meaty drums. Apart from track 5, Atari. With it's Electronic beeps, old school keyboard twangs and Pacman samples is, for me, the standout track on the album. Cop It

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