We Real Cool

I came across this a couple of months ago while i was searching for something completely unrelated to it. i'm not entirely sure how to describe these boys. I suppose if the Clipse did another longplayer entirely produced by the neptunes, went back in time to the 80's and developed a feel good factor on every song on there, that would be as close as i could get to describing these boys' sound. Needless to say i think its bloody superb and should be on everybody's Ipod play list. Someone correct me if i'm wrong but i don't think they've been signed by a major yet. if that's still the case i can only assume that their marketing departments have become so lazy that unless there is some kind of gangsta affiliation (be it true or otherwise) involved, they have no idea how to promote them. My neck was snapping to every track on this EP and i am sure yours will too.

p e a c e

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