Willie Evans jr., Mr. Lif & Akrobatik came together for this release. One of them on there own would've been enough but together they make a powerful concoction of left field samples & rhyme concepts to tempt the ears. If your a fan of anyone of these MC's (you should really be a fan of all 3) or of Asamov's beats, you need to have this in your collection. Grab it, listen to it and if your on your hip hop a game you'll feel it. Superb!

Sunny Times in Hot Places

I picked this Up awhile ago when, as usual i was looking for something completely different. I then lost track of it for a while but luckily enough i found it again. The MC's name is Tahiti and the tracks are all produced by Symbolyc 1 (now you know why i picked it up). The Birth Of Whack EP came out in 2005 way under the radar but i'm a big Strange Fruit Project fan so for me it was a no brainer. Tahiti's delivery suits the beats and he adds a little bit of a humour to proceedings. The beats are typical S1 (which can't be bad). Chilled bass lines and piano loops coupled with clean yet meaty drums. Apart from track 5, Atari. With it's Electronic beeps, old school keyboard twangs and Pacman samples is, for me, the standout track on the album. Cop It

UK Hooray!!!

Some more from some of the best the UK has to offer. This is a compilation from YNR records called Young 'N' Restless Volume 1, featuring some of the best from these (UK) shores including: Klasnekoff, Tommy Evans, Taskforce, Yungun, Universal Soldiers, Jehst & more. It's nice so grab it.

There Once Was A Boy Called Ali....

It was early 2000. Ghostface, Common & Jay-Z all had projects in the pipeline, I was still pissed at Manchester United (Bastards) doing the Treble the terrorists didn't have the upper hand and (almost) all was right with the world. So there i am chillin' at home on the couch on a friday night. The tele was on with the volume turned down and a DJ 279 was doing his thing (before Choice FM lost it's way). He then came back from an advert/commercial to do an interview with a young brother by the name of Ali Vegas. He was being touted as the boy who could put New York back at the top of the tree. He started going through the motions like everybody else and i was like ok just the same old stuff that all newbies say ' i'm gonna do my thing' & 'i wanna take hip hop to a new level' & 'my albums gonna be dope' & all the other catchphrases you normally associate with an up & coming MC. Then he and his crew (Sleep & a girl going by the name of Star) went into freestyle mode. DAMN!!!.... this boy could spit. For about 15 mins all 3 went verse for verse. His crew were nice but Ali was next level and if memory serves he was only 16 at the time. Then 279 started spinnin' a few of his tracks for the (supposed) album and the depth and wordplay shown for such a youngun was amazing. That lit the touchpaper and UK heads in the know were shouting his name. Then as time passed and nothing happened he went the way of most MC's and disappeared off the radar. Then about 6 months ago i happened across Ali's myspace page. He had some new tracks on there so i took time to listen and in Say My Name & Where I'm From he's still showing the potential to make big waves. Anyway, i decided to share his old mixtape and some unreleased stuff (with Ali's blessing) with you the good people. So enjoy and check out his myspace.

p e a c e

Ghost Deini

Before he releases a new album there is always a lot of anticipation on the blog & forum circuit. He is one artist that on the whole never fails to disappoint. From Ironman to The Pretty Tony Album through to his latest effort, The Big Doe Rehab, he always seems to: (a) have an uncanny ear for spotting a good beat & (b) is always entertaining as well as engaging in the mic. I'm struggling to think of another artist who has consistently brought the heat over such a lengthy list of longplayers (although you could put forward a strong arguement for Redman). Even his supposed weakest efforts, Bulletproof Wallets & More Fish (unless the peepz have another opinion), may well be weak by his standards but they still rank as well above average when compared to other albums from the same year of release. Come on people who else can spit over full vocal versions of such classics by The Delphonics (Holla), The Stylistics (Big Girl) & Johnny 'Guitar' Watson (Supa GFK) and make it sound so damn cool. He's got the character, the mic skillz, the lyrical variation & the beats to be a pushing a lot more units. So in a time when cd sales across all genres is decreasing year on year (and contrary to popular belief most of us internet 'fiends' do actually go out & buy cd too), why do the Jay-z and Nas figures continue to elude him. He has had crossover hits with All That I Got Is You & Cherchez La Ghost. I seem to remember the former especially getting major video play when it dropped. Maybe it's a sign of his greatness that even with his radio friendly attempts he refuses to relinquish the core reason for his appeal to people like me. His only downfall for me? His failure to put out the supposed album with MF Doom (come on now boyz!!!). I have heard the new album. Lyrically its typical Tony. Superb and lively stuff and in my eyes there is not a single skippable track on the album. The beats mesh perfectly, sliding from one to the mext with ease. Usually this would be a sure fire sign of boredom but the beats are good enough, and Ghost#s presence great enough. for any impending stagnation to be the last thing on anybody's mind. I dare anyone to tell me they let a single track on BDR pass them by. I for one will be straight out on december 4th to purchase my copy of The Big Doe Rehab. Also can i just say, I think that his son (Sun God) gets better & better every time i hear him and i won't be surprised when the baton gets passed down. I know it's probably affecting your wallet but your a credit to your art. Ghostface Killah, i salute you.

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It's Busta Rhymes, it's J Dilla, it's Mick Boogie, it's out now, it's free & it's nice. Get it now.

The Shape Of Things To Come

As nice as they are, i've always wondered what would've happened to The Roots if they had kept using the formula that made Illadelph Halflife & Things fall apart amazing albums? I'm all for expanding one's horizons but nobody can tell me that any of their albums since the two i mentioned have reached the same dizzying heights of lyrical & sonic splendor (Beanie Sigel's verse on adrenaline was ridiculous). Well i'd like to think that the group i'm about to highlight would be the answer to that question. True Live, hailing from Melbourne, Austraila, released their debut album 'The Shape Of It' last year. This album takes the meaning of live instrumentation to a whole new level. The array of orchestral strings, woodwinds and superb live drum patterns marry superbly with the groups gifted MC (RHyNO). Rolling Stone said it was 'the most epic Australian hip hop album to date'. When i first heard this i searched high & low for a copy but was unable to find a site that had one in stock. Then about 6 months after giving up, i was looking for something else entirely and stumbled upon it in a second hand music shop selling for £1.00. So i decided to share a few tracks with the good people out there. If you like 'em i may post the whole thing. This is, in my humble opinion, one of the best hip hop of it's year (2006) and would easily put most of this years crap to shame as well. 

We Real Cool

I came across this a couple of months ago while i was searching for something completely unrelated to it. i'm not entirely sure how to describe these boys. I suppose if the Clipse did another longplayer entirely produced by the neptunes, went back in time to the 80's and developed a feel good factor on every song on there, that would be as close as i could get to describing these boys' sound. Needless to say i think its bloody superb and should be on everybody's Ipod play list. Someone correct me if i'm wrong but i don't think they've been signed by a major yet. if that's still the case i can only assume that their marketing departments have become so lazy that unless there is some kind of gangsta affiliation (be it true or otherwise) involved, they have no idea how to promote them. My neck was snapping to every track on this EP and i am sure yours will too.

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I know it's not hip hop but you simply cannot deny it's the catchiest song ever heard on a television advert. Hell i'm even using it for my ringtone. i'm loving it right know. 
for those that don't know it's currently being used in boots (UK) current advertising campaign. Some 'New Orleans Funk' for that ass!!!

Ernie K. Doe - Here Come The Girls

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Is hip hop blogging something you go into for recognition? Of course any modicum of respect and/or adulation is superb. To have your peers telling you that they like what you do is obviously a good thing but you can't go into this with the sole reason being to attain that type of love. Part of what you strive to do must involve giving an honest opinion of all things hip hop: Putting points across, raising a few neccessary issues and if need be, giving certain folks a well needed reality check. One thing i've always liked about the blogging 'community', is that although some of the fiends comments left on some blogs are obviously left by people who have nothing better to do that bitch all day long, the bloggers themselves only show love to each other. Regularly giving props and collaborating on certain projects. I hope this is something that we will be doing on future musings. Lastly, being that i am from the UK (& considering the lack of universal love shown to our shores) i'll be showing much appreciation to my hip hop countrymen. so expect to see homage paid to UK hip hop as most of our MC's nearly all of our producers go largely unnoticed on the worldwise hip hop radar. I hope you peeps out there like what we do.
so withour further adu.........

10 superb tracks from Uk talent: featuring; Ghost, Chester P, The IRS, Skuff, Verb T, Delegates Of Culture & Ramson Badbonez

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ok so mad posts up in the first few days, get commenting, feedback would go appreciated....

Inbetween the demise of Black Moon and the rise of Duck Down, Buckshot was on this dope 12" remix of follow my lead


sup boston?!!!!!

check that ´n you gettin blown away.........


Kool Keith Demos

Kool Keith demos from the cenobites era...


Crazy Canadian spit dope on the palladium

Franken-who? exactly what I said when a friend told me about this raw, MAD slept on early 90's hip hop, candian too? BONUS!


So we all fall asleep now and then...

Sleepers wake up, and to those who are awake, props... we got more leg drops than Hulk Hogan, and we be pushing that product like it was snowing! (joke) But on a more legitimate tip here's some stuff for you crazy cats to download


Ok, im new to all this