WTF: Schene of the crime

Now i’m not a US citizen. But if I charged into a room at a fiftenn year old girl half my size, kicked her in the stomach, slammed her against a wall, threw her face first onto the floor & punched her twice in the head, I would expect to be facing a charge more severe than a 4th degree assault charge. Especially if i’d been in trouble before. Yet somehow Deputy Sheriff Paul Schene is facing exactly these charges after doing everything I described. Now, obviously the girl was no angel while being arrested but nothing shown on the video even begins to justify the actions taken by Schene. What makes the whole saga even worse is that his lawyer says that the video doesn’t show the other side of the story. At best that statement is laughable, at worst it’s worryingly disturbing. Unless the girl was the same size as Schene & attacked him beforehand, there is no other side. She could’ve called his wife a closet lesbian, his mother a whore & called him the bastard child of the devil & that still wouldn’t justify his reaction. If us ‘mere mortals’ reacted in such a way, the very same lawyer would have the easiest of tasks getting a conviction for a higher charge then the one Mr. Schene currently faces. But the police forces on both sides of the pond have a long & ‘proud’ history of (trying to) cover things up. The shooting of John Charles De Menezes over here being a prime example. But are things ever going to change?

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