Shrunken Professional



You know the saying ‘Your favourite MC’s favourite MC’. Well the 4 pieces of work above are by this bloggers favourite producer. Everytime I get something new from Small Pro I eulogise about how talented this guy is. His beats just seem to speak my (Hip Hop) language. Well this time it’s not 1 but 2 new projects from the man. The 1st (top left pic) ‘Resurrected The Remix’ is as stated. CL Smooth, Talib Kweli, The Smile Rays, The Roots, Shawn Jackson & others get the treatment with amazing results. The 2nd installment (top right) sees Small showing homage to his larger predecessor & is also a superb piece of work. I also included SP’s glorious taker on Jay’s AG & a 3 track sample of Small’s instrumental Opus ‘SlowBus’. Surely more shine is gonna come this guys way sooner or later. CLICK A PIC & see what lies beneath. Enjoy!

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