And no autotune in sight

Kanye & Common aren’t the only bros. in chicago. Probably my favourite ‘under the radar’ sound of the last few years. Chi-Space Volume 3 features some of my regular rotations as well as a few more I will soon know alot more about. And Nobley Nobes more than does his thing behind the boards. Enjoy!

Visual- The Planet
Psalmone ft Casual- Bitin n Freakin
Kwel- Heliocentric
1993- Empty Room
Pugz Atoms- Saturday
Scheme- The Flyest
Mick Luter- How we raised
Adad- Good
Family Jewels- Kings of rock
Nico B- Good Luck
Abu Chi-Put it down
Gemini- Ben Frank
Akbar- Good Food
Matlock Ft Wes Restless- Runaround

DJ Nobley Nobe – Chi-Space Volume 3

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