Super sonar Radar to the 3rd power


‘On The Radar Vol. 3’ features artists from up and down the country including Northern Ireland, South and West Yorkshire, London, Manchester, Birmingham and Cambridge – Certified Banger fully represents the talent this country holds. If you don’t recognise the names on here, there’s all the more reason to download this – you need to hear these tracks and then you need to find out more.

In a time when so much music is given away for free it’s good to remember that these guys need to eat too. ‘OTR Vol. 3’ is intended to be a signpost that points towards the places where these MCs and producers sell their wares. Check these tracks out, then buy the albums, EPs and 12”s that these artists put out.

I’ve posted links at a couple of my other ‘hangouts’ if you want to catch the early editions. Otherwise April 6th is the place to catch it here.

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Certified Banger said...

Yes man! Thanks for the swiftness! Can you email me where you put those other links? :)