Act Up

Mista Mayday, Stat, Hired Gun, Sean Canedy, PaintDragon, The Specialist & Matt Turcotte are Frequency Activism. Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop & Soul are brought together with concious, politically charged lyrics. I've always said that if people want to make statements within the Hip Hop arena the key is to never come across as preachy. These guys pitch the lyrics just right & the subject matter never sounds forced or contrived. No gimmicks here. All of these guys are great at what they do, from the beats to the srcatches to the rhymes & PaintDragons smooth vocals. I'm hard pressed to find a real weakness with this one. Original beats, original delivery & they play there own instruments too (somewhat of a rarity these days). People of the slightly closed minded persuasion may need more than one listen to fully appreciate it (shame on you) but there is no doubting the quality on show here. There's a slight Mid 90's feel to the project (that only adds to the overall niceness) and it gets better & better as the album progresses. Nine Times Out Of Ten, Community Theatre & The Time Is Now in particular gave me a serious case of neck ache. These guys were nice enough to drop me an email asking to post a link for the good people to Grab the album for free (and we all love the freeness now don't we). A definite keeper that will be on regular rotation on my Ipod playlists. Dopeness!!!

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