UK Intro To Letcha Know

It's blatantly obvious that i have been neglecting my duties to my UK people lately. Well... i say duty but since i'm from this side of the pond anyway, it's all love as far as i'm concerned. With that i've decided to -as a way of introduction- to showcase some of the UK's more well known emcees for all the good people to see just what we can do over hear. It's all superb stuff & needs to be listened to.

More Than 60 Of The UK's finest MC's going at it over some of Baby J's best beats. A superb mixtape and a superb way to get your knowledge up on uk hip hop in general. Read the tracklisting & check for the MC's listed. 

The second (and best) of mystro's mixtape series. His battle hardened roots show through as he spits fire all the way through this gem of a cd. If you like these check for His UK release Music Mystro and his Aussie released Diggi Down Unda. Both of 'em are keepers anyway.

The indomitable Foreign Beggars. I'll make this simple. Grab this, then go and buy the superb Stray Point Agenda one of the best albums of 2007.

With a superb list of fellow cast members joining him (Klashnekoff, Humurak D Gritty, Dubbledge...) and beats provided by some of the best in the UK game (Secondson, LG, Jehst...). Park-E brough out a mixtape that was, in my opinion, just as good as his album. So make sure you check fot that too.

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