Great Album...Shame about the football team

Kof, hailing from Liverpool (hence the post's title) is surely someone who, judging by this offering, should moving on to bigger things sooner or later. Quirky, deep, inspired, original & willing to take risks with his music. Case in point, 80's Baby, a nostalgic track about growing up in the 80's (obviously). So what does this boy do, he rides Calvin harris' Acceptable In The 80's. But not only does he do it without it coming over as cheesy, he makes it acceptable for peeps to say that they loved the original beat anyway (which i did by the way). A definate breakthrough track in my view. My other personal fave is Just me. Don't let the start fool you. Let the drums kick in and i'm sure those neck will be snapping. There are more than a few samples that you will recognize on this one but the way he puts his own spin on each one he definately makes the music his own. Radio friendly without sounding corny, Kof has put together something i think that, if given the chance, could put uk hip hop back into the uk charts. The man himself was kind enough to let me to put up a track or 2 for the good people to Grab. As well as a selection from his 1st album, Side Of Me. 
Kof, I Salute You.

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Krooked1 said...

hahaha shame about the football team