WTF: Black On Black Disgrace

For fuck sake man, sometimes it pains me to know that i share the same composition of melenin as some people in this world. Your life can be in dire straits. You could be trying to vote in someone that is not corrupt (good luck), not out for himself and not a money grabber. Yu could be living in a shante town in the middle of a rat trap with barely 2 pennies to scrape together while watching your own children get more and more malnourished with each passing day. You could be trying desperately to find some way to get you & your family out of the hell hole that your in & living somewhare that is barely recognizeable as a home. You could be going through all this while watching everyone of your neighbours go through exactly the same.

Does any of the above mean that you can burn down a church with  more than 20 young children and elderly people inside? The violence started over vote rigging. During the lastest government elections in Kenya, not all of the votes were counted before the results were announced & then it started. Looting, beatings, shootings and even though the relevant authorities are planning to do a full audit of all the votes and the voting system itself, the violence hasn't subsided. The children & elderly people in question were taking refude in the church as the violence & rioting went on outside. There were 400 in total in the church at the time who happened to be members of the Kikuyu thnic group (the same as re-elected president, Mwai Kibaki. 

No matter who they were in that church, ias much as i support the cause there's no justification. It's events like these that occasionally make me wonder why i feel so compelled to support some of the hardships that are prevelent in the mother land, in the first place. Stealing from and opposing the system is one thing. Torching elderly women & children is another entirely. Passive resistance may be a thing of the pass but strike against the people that matter, not the very people who never asked for any of this to happen.

And what has this got to do with hip hop? Nothing what so ever, sometimes though, there are bigger things going on in this world than music. Yes we love what the culture can give us (not just the music) but we need to be alive to whats going on in the world outside of Ipods, 50 bloody Cent & Air Force One's.

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