Have A Brew

When people send you emails asking you to check out there remixed stuff you keep an open mind and try not to judge a book by it's cover (or on these cases by there first track). When Mydus sent me one such email i almost did just that. Luckily though i gave myself a verbal rap on the knuckles for even going there in the first place. I wasn't disappointed. Mydus has clearly taken his time in pairing the right sample with the right MC. Ali Vegas, Nas (twice) AZ, Slum Village, The Beatnuts, Inspectah Deck, Kanye West and others all get the Mydus touch (see what i did there) and there isn't a weak mix on this album at all. To call these just simple blends isn't doing Mydus justice at all. He obviously realises that not every sample needs to be layered with mountains of kicka and snares. Some samples simply need to be left to do there work. The best case of this is his version of Slum Village's Get Dis Money. I'm not gonna pretend i know where he got the sample from but the wailing 70's vocal and disco drums never needed anything adding to them for me to snap my neck while listening to it about 4 times on repeat. But my Out & out fav on here is Myd's version of The Beatnuts' Do You Believe. This is my kinda beat. A smooth jazzy keyboard & bass guitar sample coupled with equally smooth drums that match the vocals perfectly. So there you have it, another dope piece of freeness for the good people to grab. I suggest you do just that.

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