UK Hooray!!!

More UK isht for the good people to get their teeth into. 1st up is Ramson Badbonez riding Slick Rick's Children's Story & Group Homes' The Realness. I'm still waiting for some kinda mixtape or album from him but any US heads out there, i dare you listen to these 2 and tell me he hasn't got some serious mic skills.

Then comes Jehst, riding Luda's Stand up and Missy Elliott's Wake Up (the one where Jay Z name drops David Beckham) with his partner in rhyme Asaviour. He's cool on Stand Up but the both of em kill it on the latter of the 2 beats.

Ghost is quite simply an amazing beatsmith and his album Seldom Seen Often Heard is proof of that. I'm not about to post that so if you want it go out & buy it. By way of a sampler however i have got one of the singles off of the album called The Payoff. Although since there are 4 tracks on here in all for you to get into it's virtually an EP anyway. The tracks ft. Verb-T, Kashmere, Finale & my personal fav UK MC, Asaviour.

And last but by no means least, we come to Inja. A part of the Delegates of Culture, he is another one of my favourites who, together with DJ Nappa, put out one of my favourite UK albums of the last few years, Wideopen. His EP, Scars, features his Delegates crew, the superb Taskforce & those Foreign Beggars. Superb stuff.

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