Journey Through Deepspace

I own 2 sets of headphones. I don't really know why as i'm not a DJ or producer & they're both very good. So I plugged my regular pair in my Ipod & played the 'Intro'. A few choice vocal samples later the sheer richness of the superbly deep bass was such that the vocals were distorting in a way i had never heard on a pair of headphones before. So, i plugged in the other pair and started again. Then one of the best intro tracks i have ever heard begins. The atmosphere for the entire joint is set as soon as you hear that b-line sync with the lighthearted horns & neck ache inducing drums. After initially hearing such a great beginning to an album i was somewhat fearful that the rest of it wasn't going to live up to the hype. I wasn't disappointed as one track after another refused to let up. Each track is a meld of nostalgia tipped drums & any mixture of bass guitar loops, raking jazz horns, 70's movie scores, superb vocal scratches & that B line i keep going on about. I've said before in some reviews that the album i am listening to doesn't have a single weak song on the album & the said can most definately be said here. But for some reason that still isn't doing justice just how good this cd is. All the beats were done by Beat Rabbi, who is now a genius as far as i'm concerned. Lyrically Sivion, Manchild, Listener, Sev Statik & Manchild are all superb MCs anyway and deliver a message as well as skills all the way through the album. My fav lyrics have to be Manchild & Sintax on I Double Dog Dare You, at one point try topping each other with there 'exploits'. Listener,  also schools the good people on Life Is... over an eerie sample that had me thinking back to those sunday afternoons i used to spend watching lost in space when it was still in black & white. But as much as the MC's are nice with theirs, it's the beats that steal the show. So it's a good thing that you get the instrumental version as well when you buy the album (order from here). My one gripe though (and i struggled to find one) is that some of the tracks are a bit short. You could say however, that this helps the overall flow of the album. This is on regular rotation on my ipod but a word of advice. If you're disgraceful enough to still be using those ridiculously bad white headphones i strongly suggest you invest in a better pair before listening to this on your way to work. By way of a taster i have been given permission by the man himself to put up a couple of tracks as a sampler. Beat Rabbi & Deepspace5 - Deepspace5oul needs to be in your collection.

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