Busta Rhymes vs. Busta Rhymes part 1



Hmmmmmm.... That was the first thing that came into my head while listening to Bussa Bus' deservedly acclaimed I Bullshit You Not mixtape with DJ Scratch. Those two go together like rice & peas and to hear them go at it non-stop for 12 rounds is one of the highlights of my Hip Hop year so far. But has Trevor set the bar too high for his own good. I mean let's be honest, this mixtape is his best work since E.L.E. and he's giving it away for free. That means by comparison Back On My Bullshit is almost certain of classic status right? But then again I am talking about the same album that will feature Arab Money. A track that in my view has just been easily superceded by all 12 tracks from IBYN (and no, it's not because of the 'Arab' fiasco). But think about it. Besides the video, the mixtape is the best promotional tool available to todays MC. But I'm struggling to rememeber a time when any self respecting artists album was outshone by his pre-cursor. There are artists out there in the lower leagues wqho put a lot of effort into their mixtapes because they no that is it a means of gaining much needed publicity for themselves. But for someone in Bustas position that simply isn't necessary. For him to give away such quality product is a coup for us fans but what seems like a good idea may not turn out that way when BOMB hits the shelves/servers. I hope I'm wrong. I guess we'll find out on May 19th (18th UK time)….

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Busta Rhymes – I Bullshit You Not

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