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Progression... Be it beats or rhymes, any half decent MC/producer worth his salt has to show this in some way, shape or form through his or her career. Biggie said it best, 'I can't rhyme about strugglin' & hustlin' no more... i don't do that no more'. That mantra perfectly fits the underlying premise of The Delegates Of Cultures latesr offering ''Bad Guys''. Don't let the title fool you either, every aspect of this album oozes the P word. What originally gotthese guys atttention was the sheer grittiness of there sound. That core ethic is still a mainstay of what they are about but the execution has been fine tuned. The snares are snappier, the kicks are cleaner & the final mixes of the songs are taken to a superior level that they ever were before. The rhymes have more focus, the delivery is smoother & a range of issues are covered. These guys have clearly been honing there craft while they have been away. I took a decision a while ago to try & shy away from highlighting particular tracks from albums, so as not to discourage the appeal of an overall album. However, not to take away from this superb releases overal quality, i have to mention the genius that is 'C.R.E.A.M. 2009'. This is not simply a simple Wu remake. The relevance has been brought up to date then changed yet they keep the very same rhyme pattern of the original, genius. I have to admit (baring in mind I have always been a fan) I wasn't expecting the increased depth & maturity to go with the now expected fire delivery. The 'just right' blend offered up is something that too many of todays 'MC;s' need to pay attention to.

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