Weight off my mind

I remember day I purchased my 1st Ipod. I remember how I fell for the cliched status symbol of having those white headphones on parade for all to see. I remember how I felt like I belonged to a very big, yet still somewhat exclusive club. I also remember when I was schooled on my folly of using those headphones in the 1st place. I then remember how ridiculously superior my new headphones were compared to them. Why the headphone analogy? albums such as Heavyweight that's why. Now Juliano Creator shows no otherworldly principles in the way he goes about smithing his beats but what he does do, he does very well indeed. One could argue that finding great samples is easier these days than flipping the samples themselves. The even greater art is realising that no matter how recognizable the sample, some of them just aren't meant to be flipped. While simply doing your thing around them is the best way to go. It's this philosophy that I think places this album a cut above the norm. The constant thumping kicks that accompany them are reason enough for any Hip Hop fan worth his salt to condemn those white earrings to death by dustbin. What is also apparent is the albums consistency. I'm aways going on about the value of putting out an album that brings something different each time (in this case the MC's), yet still carries a consistancy whereby the listener isn't whearing out the skip button every other song. But let us not forget the supporting cast of stellar Hip Hop graduates. The Beatnuts, Tragedy Khadafi, Aasim, Little Brother, Mobb Deep, Phil Da Agony & Craig G are among the alumni involved & they all do their thing ( Tragedy & Prodigy being my personal standouts). There are many a producer album that tries to be too many people. Recordkingz provides proof that sometimes good Hip Hop should be exactly what it says on the tin. So cast out those white domes of falsehood & do your future on-the-go playlists some Heavyweight justice peeps.

p e a c e

Recordkingz-Heat feat. Mobb Deep

Recordkingz–Pay Your Respects feat. Problemz

Recordkingz–Rock Ya Shoulders feat. The Beatnuts

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