Use Your Imaginashun

I can think of many a DJ (and i'm sure we all can) who have lent their hand to production & should never do so again. Some of these 'DJs' have been at it for years but because they're surrounded by mindless yes men, they are never likely to give up the ghost. With the release of U Can't Lurn Imaginashun, DJ Vadim has propelled him self even further away from that catagory as you can get (baring in mund he was about a million miles away already. I could easily say that on this outing Vadim bends & moulds Hip Hop at will to craft a piece of work that in my eyes goes beyond speacial. But i'm not sure that the 1st part of that last sentence gives his work enough credit. We all consider him a Hip Hop beat man 1st & foremost but this is no 'mere' Hip Hop album. I'm not even going to list this longplayers many angles either. But if you know who Kathrin DeBoer (one of my fav vocalists of recent times), Snizza, Sabira Jade, Pugz Atoms, Yarah Bravo, La Methode &@ Kwasi Asante (amongst others) are, then you know this is a project that will take you places. Even with all this praise I still manage to find a little icky something somewhere. This time it's that fact that the superb instrumental tracks will be overlooked by most, with only DJ's who know a good something when they hear it making goos use of them. so far this year I only have 2 albums being in the same league. Yes I do think it's that good!

p e a c e

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