Dotting the I’s

A-Front Cover

Just finished listening to this one. Much niceness to be found on thi sone peepz. It’s just a shame it took me so long to get to it. Enjoy!

1 Intro (88.9 WERS Interview clip)
2 M-Dot - My Regards
3 M-Dot - Losing My Mind (Produced by DC The Midi Alien)
4 M-Dot - Things On Your Mind
5 M-Dot Ft. Singapore Kane & Trademarc - You Won't Get It (Produced by Explizit One)
6 M-Dot - Unwind (Produced by Kenshin)
7 M-Dot Ft. Rev - We Don't Play (Produced by Empne)
8 M-Dot - Go Getter (Freestyle) (Produced by Omega Red)
9 M-Dot - Hungry (Produced by Kenshin)
10 M-Dot Ft. Re-Surch - First Words (Produced by Pauly Fingaz)
11 M-Dot Ft. Slak D - Shit On You (Produced by Domingo)
12 M-Dot - Boston (Produced by Flyphonic)
13 Interlude
14 M-Dot Ft. Termanology & Rev - Boston (Remix) (Produced by DJ Jean Maron)
15 M-Dot - Here We Go (Produced by D-Sharp)
16 M-Dot - Tonight (Produced by Felix Flavour)
17 M-Dot Ft. Grime Tha Mc & Mayhem - Never Good Enough
18 M-Dot - Chose To Try (Produced by Kenshin)
19 M-Dot Ft. Dead Seriuz & Agallah- All I Got (Produced by Kenshin)
20 M-Dot - Watch Where Your Going (Freestyle)
21 M-Dot - Bass (Freestyle) (Produced by Legendary Axe)
22 M-Dot Ft. Nabo Rawk (of Porn Theatre Ushers) - Alpha Males (Produced by Nabo Rawk)
23 M-Dot - Keep On (Produced by F.A.N.O)
24 Outro

M.oney D.oesn’t O.wn T.hought

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