Barack's The Man?

Let me start with this. The title of this post does not mean that I am about to bash on Obama. I am an avid supporter & I hope that he can fulfil the hopes of not only the throngs of Americans, but the people throughout the world who are Banking On Barack (hmmm, I like that one). Which is where I think the the leader of the free world's main problems lie. I personally think that, judging by the excited yet guarded reaction of the leaders of the Middle East, that he can succeed where everyone else has failed. There hasn't been a feelgood factor like this in my lifetime. Even in the current economic climate, the general population of planet Earth are looking to the future with hope. Barack's inauguration speech was pretty much perfect. Basically sayong that if everyone pulls together, from the family to the communities & on through society as a whole, We can get things done. But it is in no way an easy road. My concern after all is said & done that the majority of the people that voted him in weren't listening. I noticed a lot of people going about it being a black day & as a black man I was/am mighty proud to see it happen. But too many people are too focused on it happenoing & not focused enough on what comes next. He has taken the hotseat in arguably the most difficult time ever faced by any President/ World Leader. The Economy, plus the current Israeli/Palestinian crisis has seen to that. And don't underestimate Joe Biden's role as Vice President either. For his few foibles, he is a shrewd international operator who I think will end up being the unsung hero of the Obama era. The 1st thing that gives Barack a major leg up over his predecessors in this multicultural society is his heritage. He makes now bones about who his parents are & where thay come from. It is this one factor that should see him succeed where others have failed. A lot of nations see America as the reason for the state they are in & rightly or wrongly, some factions are using that as the carrot on the end of the stick for their followers. Dubya's (that nickname alone done him no favours) White skin & Texan/middle american accent immediately made him an easy target. Baracks skin does however, make him a more of a target in his own backyard than it does anywhere else in the world. The 2nd ace up Obama's sleeve is his family. Michelle Obama is easily the best looking 1st Lady Thw White House has seen & the girls' cute looks means that the stable black family, rather than the broken one, is the image being beamed around the world. I myself was raised by a single mum who worked herself to illness raining me & having lived it, I wouldn't have it any other way. But being the dad of a 2 parent family that i am today, I defy anyone who says that in an ideal world, 2 responsible parents raising their children instead of just one is not the desired situation in modern society. Barack, just by being 'daddy' can set those major wheels in motion for future generations to keep turning. Will Barack be as good a president as most folk suggest?, probably. will he be able to heal lot of the worlds ills?, most of them. Should those getting over excited calm down & not get too over excited just incase things don't go according to plan? definitely.

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