Move Your Soul

The Soul.... Many variations have been tried, tested, used & abused in the pursuit of what defines the human soul. Why do our armed forces put themselves in the line of fire? Why do firemen go into burning buildings to save lives? Why do mountaineers climb up the most dangerous climbs on earth? And as misguided as they are, why do suicide bombers believe in there convictions enough to be willing to die in a most violent way for there cause. It's what makes these things possible that is the reason why Soul music carries it's name since that is where it is born. Hence we arrive at Slakah The Beatchild's emphatical brilliance, Soul Movement Vol. 1. Musically, I haven't been taken aback like this since Nicolay & Kay charted the human life. Think of a cocktail involving The Strange Fruit's Soul Travellin' & The Foreign Exchange's Connected and you can see where this is going. I deliberatey mentioned those two because this is an album that easily takes pride of place among such esteemed company. The guest list is a steller one for those in the know. Divine Brown, Shad (The Old Prince), Melanie Durrant, Jason Simmons & Mystic are the most notable among a cast that never miss a step over Slakah's supreme audio. At this point I would usually name a few highlights among what i've been hearing but this is way too good a longplayer for that. The 1st great album of the year is hear. BBE, you've done it again. Slakah by name but certainly not by nature.

p e a c e

edit: such is this albums fence treading niceness, I decided to burn the candle at both ends & post it on both blogs.

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