Noble Aspirations

Billed as a mixtape that's actually mixed. True to his word, the Noble one practices what he preaches. Enjoy!

CHI-SPACE Volume 2
1. Mick Luter- Under the act
2. Adad- Intro
3. Gravity- Workin
4. Earatik Statik- Tearz
5. Thaione- One Two
6. Astonish- Unfair
7. Scheme- Ur gonna want me back
8. Mikkey Halsted- My love song
9. Decay- Oh Lordy
10. Visual- Grown man minutes
11. Selfish- Donkey punch
12. Pugz Atoms- Rooftop
13. Longshot, Ang13, One Be Lo- Care enuff
14. Mr. Greenweeds- Them They
15. Pacifics, Prime Meridian- Frank Loyd Wright
16. Nico B- Fantasy

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