Jyaged Edge

A volcano just before it erupts, a tornado just before it reaches category 5, Theo Walcott just before he hits full throttle. Starang Wondah taking his 1st breathe just before he unleashes his 16 bars. These are all examples of the calm before the storm. When nature (or Arsenal) begins to simmer, just before it reaches its own variation of boiling point. For me Encrypted Scriptures, with it’s under the radar vibe, falls into just such a category. A lot of albums these days fail to get the balance just right. So you are either nodding your head & not giving a damn what the MC is saying (Gang Starr [sorry Guru]), or vice versa. Cee Why has created a backdrop that can both come to the fore & take a backseat depending on the listeners mood. The beats, moody & unerringly understated as they are, make the perfect foil for Jyager’s often quickfire delivery. On a few tracks seemingly without pausing for breathe, at times there is more than a passing resemblance to Ramson Badbones. Yet tracks like Yellow Brick Road (lovely sample on that one) show the versatility that Jyager possesses. This is an MC that I think has a lot more in the locker in terms of subject matter. The conscious street rhetoric is there for all to hear & I would like to see a more worldly approach to some issues on the next one. But make no mistake if Encrypted Scriptures is the sign of whats to come, Jyager will be at the forefront of UK Hip hop for quite some time.

p e a c e

Jyager - Silent Tipsy Monkey Man feat. Sifu, Chan & DM

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