Bullish Attitude

My 1st review of '09 is uk Review. Here's to good omens cause of this is anything to go by this is gonna be a very good year. I've seen so called Indie Hip Hop acts before. There's all this talk about guitar driven tracks & so on yeat all that transpires is a couple of riffs that get lost in translation. Safe is an example of Indie Hop done properly. You can tell throughout that all the guitars used had all the other elements built around them. Ranging from heavy to almost Eva Cassidyesque melodicism, Dan keeps things fresh with each track. He has seemlessly taken elements from the rockier end of Indie, as well as RnB, Drum & Bass & there's even an element of Queen to be found with quality results. There is an overriding sense of darkness here with thoughtful tracks such as Misfit & Afterlife showcasing the dark side of human emotion. Yet I never felt down while listening because even when taking a darker path, dan's voice doesn't follow suit which makes the whole thing a lot easier on the ear. A lot of care has been spent on these songs. These aren't simply a collection of nice beats but songs that transcend many boundaries. The last 2 tracks are far more than any average Hip Hop producer could dream up. And to top it all off, the whole thing was written produced & recorded by the Dan himself in the comfort (or lack there of) of his own bedroom. Someone needs to get this guy the air time that his music clearly deserves & there is no reason I can see that with the right backing, Dan Bull couldn't become a torch bearer for UK music. Those of us out there with our Hip Hop blinkers removed should be championing this & those who aren't Hip Hop fans first & foremost should be dong the same. I know I will.

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