Sugar Shane too sweet for the science

At 3:30AM GMT I was tuned in to Setanta Sports to witness 2 of the top rated pound for pound fighters as they stepped into the ring at the LA Staples Center, one as the defending WBA Welterweight champion, the other, a 4-1 37 year old underdog who was supposedly climbing a mountain too high for him to reach the top. Shane Mosley silenced the critics, and proved to the world what makes a great fighter and what makes a legend.
Now I wasnt expecting Mosley to be out of his depth for this fight but I certainly wouldn't have predicted the outcome at the bookies, I saw it going to the cards after 12 rounds and Margarito inching it on points. But for the performance that Mosley gave, it would seem no one could have predicted what would happen. For 9 rounds Shane Mosley dominated, defended, calculated every punch, and was on the off with speedy hands and the heart of a lion to dismantle and destroy the overrated Antonio Margarito. Now, not to take anything away from Mosley's career defining performance. But where in the world was Margarito? In a different ring maybe? Mentally, physically, spiritually, this was not the Margarito who defeated Cintron or Cotto. The stalking pressure, the iron cast chin and the relentless presence of the Tijuana Tornado were all there, but what for? For Mosley to pound him into obliteration it would seem. The fast combinations and right hand of Mosley proved to be too much. And he walked out of the ring with the biggest smile on his in all of his career, beautiful.
Here is the full fight in all its glory.

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