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And so to 2009. More terrorist threats, more gun crime, more knive crime, more Israeli/Palestinian tensions, more babies having babies, more politicians who are only out for themselves, more staling over what to do about Zimbabwe, more economic gloom, etc etc etc. I could go on & on with that list being that the possibilities are pretty much endless. The worldwide economy is apparently in meltdown. This is only true of the countries that didn't prepare though. I find it funny that the apparent top 2 superpowers of the world (US & UK) are feeling more than most, while the emerging powers (Brazil, China) & those that did there homework (Australia & New Zealand among them) are, in a financial sense, sailing on a steady ship. It makes me wonder why we as a nation keep on letting these old Etonians in office when they've either lost touch with the real world, or were never in touch with it in the first place. They are now upto the 50 million dollar note in Zimbabwe & the 100 million version is not far off. How can the people with the power to stop this man keep allowing this ridiculous state of affairs. People should not be carting money around in wheelbarrows (literally) to buy the bare neccessities. Israel's current flurry of military activity reminds me of the 'fights' I used to have in school. I would get a mountain of abuse from certain people. Monkey taunts & big lip taunts were the way. I would take it in lessons non stop for ages & it would continue throughout the day. finally when it came to the point where I couldn't take the abuse anymore & I would start pounding in the perpetrators with tears in my eyes (true story). It seems that israel have also come to the point where that can't take any more. As much as the Israeli's are overreacting & as much as I support the Palestinian cause, Hammas only have themselves to blame for their current predecament. This situation, along with the economy, will determine Baracks legacy. The UK government, in it;s infinite wisdom, decided to massage the violent crime rate figures when they were published a while back. This is just another example of UK society being taken for fools. If you want to win elections just tell us like it is & show us that you are genuinely trying to do something about it. The state this country is in cannot be hidden so stop wasting my money on Bureaucrats whose sole purpose is to do just that. We have one of thee worst teen pregnancy percentages in the world & our standards of education in schools is abysmal. Why are countries such as Sweden & The Netherlands so much better & handling both. I'm very luck as my daughter goes to a great school with a superb headteacher & a raft of extra curricular activities. This is not the norm in this country & it borders on insanity that this government is still not there yet after 11 years in charge. When the education & extra activity situation is handled, petty crime will go down drastically, which in turn lead lead to less violent & drug related crime. This is not rocket science, yet all over the country youth clubs/projects & playgrounds are still closing & there are less & less competitive sports being allowed in schools.

Yet amidst all the doom & gloom the human race does occasionally show flickers of greatness. On 1st of January 2009, Tom Algie wanted to spend some time with his family & away from the day to day running of his DIY shop. Now due to the current economic slump he did not want to leave the shop shut. So he decides to leave his shop open & unattended for the day, leaving only a bucket & a note asking any customers to take what they want & leave payment for the goods in the bucket. He returned to his shop at 4:15 pm the same day, to find a £187.66 profit in the bucket & NOTHING STOLEN. It may have been in a small town & it may have turned out diferently in most other places but it's nice to see a dose of humanity amongst all the barbarism.

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