Foretold by the Oracle

Like I said, a very good year indeed. And so it continues with Kasha, righteous street spokesman extraordinaire. Don't expect Kasha to break ground any time soon (which isn't to say that bruv isn't nice), but do expect realness, positivity politics & forward thinking in equal measure. These added to a charisma that I feel Kasha shows on the mic is what had me listening to him instead of concentrating solely on the acoustics. Those of you familiar with Klashnekoff's Lionheart will find themselves at home with what Kasha has to say. And also, not unlike Tussle, The Oracle is stocked to the brim with top notch beats supplied by folks whose names (Vivid Imagery, Red Skull, Composure & Phocus) I expect to be seeing a lot more on future production credits. The standsrd head nods are superb & there is enough originality about to stop the listener from pressing the skip button. The reggae tinged Living For The Moment & understated kicks of She Wants You are simply highlights from an album littered with them. At last... as much as I love my Hip Hop, there aren't enough MC's with a message in his rhymes in the UK right now. Kasha has added his worthy name to that list.

p e a c e

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