3 of the BBEst

BBE is arguably my favourite music label (there is one other contender). The peepz over there consitantly manage to put out some superb releases across all genres. With this in mind i thought i'd share three of my favourite, and perhaps less obvious, releases. The first is from Marc Mac of the living legends that are 4 Hero. Dirty Old Remixes is basically, a collection of remixes (obviously) of a selection of songs from his Dirty Old Hip Hop. The 12 Beats & Denz remixes of Funkbox are a particular favourite.

We then come to Dobie's The Sound Of One Hand Clapping 2.5. Previously released via another label, Dobie adds a couple of instrumental tracks and remixes a few of the originals to great effect. By far & away the standout on here has to be Consider, featuring the irrepressable Rodney P dropping gem after gem about fake thugs, girls & life in general. Rassia also impresses over the lovely sunday afternoon chill out groove Coming Up For Air. The scratches and vocal samples used on the instrumental tracks are well used and not just thrown around.  well worth a look.

Finally, MC/Songwriter/producer, Krewcial's debut 25/8 (his sons birthday). This is superb. It may also feature the talents of Oh No, Murs, phonte & Kazi, but Krew more than holds his own in every aspect of this album. His production style is similar to Jaydee. That last sentence should have you clicking the link by now, if you don't already have a copy.

Grab em all.

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Kevin Beacham said...

thanx for these. been looking for Ninety-9 material for awhile. peace