Preach Brother... Preach Some More!!!

I couldn't wait to the new year to post this. After letting the good people know about just how good this guy is, the man himself dropped me an email & gave me a link to share with everybody. It's for a clean version of his album, Garveyism. I said before that it was a real good listen so i don't want nobody accusing me of brown nosing. Oh and be sure to check out his comic strip too. I'm hoping to have an interview for the good people sometime soon too. In the meantime click the links, Grab whats available & be sure to thank the man on his myspace.


Travis said...

I've liked Preach for awhile now after hearing some of his music on the Justus League's "The Lawn" message boards. Had some contact with him there, seemed like a cool cat.

Another blog just posted up an unreleased album that he supposedly did with Nicolay, can't remember which one though.

preach said...

hey, thanks for posting. the nicolay stuff really wasn't an album. it was just demos of us working on stuff.

the stuff i ended up w/ ended up on garveyism. but those were rough drafts. they "leaked" on the net due to me trying to pitch em to some indy labels etc. and i guess technology took care of the rest.

thanks for checking.