The N Word

Apparently people, this is the new album cover. It's easily gotta be the boldest statement ever made on a major album release on any genre (and i say album release for 2 reasons, Fuck The Police & Cop Killer). We can talk all day about the sexual content in songs & on videos these days (which being a red blooded male, isn;t all bad) but Hip Hop was always meant for bigger things. This cover hasn't been confirmed yet by any means but if he does go with this i think it does make an interesting statement. Think about it. A... actually not just A word, Thee word that is bound by history to the pain & suffering of black people across the globe is emblazened on a black & white picture of a black man sitting underneath a white light sitting in a pose that is so often asscociated with the White middle/upper class societies of the world. It also smacks of someone sticking 2 fingers up at the system to me. I mean look at the size of the album title. It's about as big as he could get it without obscuring is face. 

I say do what you think needs to be done, Nas. It shows the growth of a man when he can do what he's done on the mic, both good and bad. and come out a better man on the other side. Love him or hate him he always got a statement to make on his albums (Destroy & Rebuild, These Are Our Heroes, Black Rebuplican etc). And don't forget, although his beat choices have, at times, been questionable, lyrically he's on his A game. Lets wait and see what he has to say on the album before we decide whether The Whole Nigger thing it was just a publicity stunt or not. I for one don't think it is. But i could be wrong.

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The Humanity Critic said...

I feel you, I also think this is a bold statement that I applaud - I hope that the finished product will be dope, because we know that Nas sometimes can have a "tin ear" when it comes to beats.

Humanity F Critic aka "Gordon Gartrell"